Age of Eleven

Aquarian [11:11] Transmissions

On Eleven


Eleven. 11. 11:11. What does it all mean? The answer is exponential in meaning. It’s living, holographic, ever-expanding.

11:11 is a DNA-encoded message from the universe. When you see it, take it as a signal to pay attention to your present circumstance, location, action, thought, etc.

It's the UNIverse. The YOUniverse. Everything is ONE, and connected, and whatever you choose to call "it," it is all a part of you because it's interfacing through and projecting from you. 


11 is everything, everywhere. In numerology, 11 is a master number. It is representative of the supreme Oneness of the Universe. For all the complex tasks a computer can perform, at the core, computer binary code is an infinite collection of 0s and 1s.


1 & 1 is also symbolic of a Rastafari way of referencing how others are also ourselves: it’s not “you & me,” it’s “I & I.” As I write this, I’m talking to you, but I’m really just talking to myself: there’s only One of us here.


2011 was my year of energetic activation; a veritable turning point. 11/11/11 itself was a real mystical portal of a day for me. My meditations at that time begat death and rebirth experiences. After that, my paradigm shifts continued to fire off regularly, shaking up everything in my life.


When, in early Spring of 2013, I learned my baby’s due date was 11/11; I nearly fell out. You can’t make up this stuff! 11/11/13 came and passed. My Eleven birthed herself three sunrises later, giving way to yet another death and rebirth of my very being—the phoenix rising from the ashes yet again.


In your youth, did you make a wish when you spied 11:11 on a digital timekeeper? What does 11 signify to you? Think of 11:11 as a cosmic alarm clock. What are alarm clocks for? 

With discernment and self-knowledge, we all can awaken to the holographic nature of reality and see the ONEness everywhere.