Age of Eleven

Aquarian [11:11] Transmissions


I AMChiChiComment

I AM an infinite, brilliant manifestation of the Divine. I am a limitless extension of the Most High and through that knowledge of self, I am constantly creating a life without limitations.

I've cultivated incredibly deep relationships with Like Beings who not only love and support me unconditionally, but are brilliant reflections of myself.

I've manifested not only one incredibly out of this world Kingman to my Queendom, but MANY life partners and Great Loves of My Life who fulfill many different roles to me and complement my essence in perfectly fitting ways. That number is ever-expanding, and our relationship knows no bounds.

The king & I have consciously conceived a New Being, who will be brought into this world intentionally, naturally and holistically. S/he is already sovereign and free as a globe-traveling universal citizen unbounded by artificial borders, territories, and limitations, and birth location has little to do with it.

I do not own my children; I am merely a blessed vessel through which I've the privilege of assisting another infinite soul on their spiritual journey.

All of our starseed will be unhindered by indoctrination, guilt, and outmoded paradigms; able to live a life of freedom and creativity from jump, with full, unconditional love and support from their parents and village. 

I've manifested a brilliant form of international entrepreneurship; one that is not only a business with goods and services, but is a way of BEING that brings light and love to so many and thus, cannot be shut down and can only continually expand.

I've a knack for finding my true kindred in the most "uncanny" places, and the fact that my husband & I are welcomed everywhere we go with open arms speaks volumes.

This state of being affords me the luxury of having as many homes as I want, in as many locations as I want. Home is where your head is. Why be caged when you can fly? 

My livity and well-being is not dependent on any entity outside of me. The best "security" I have is that which I create for myself, working in conjunction with my village, which is to be found worldwide and is not even limited to this dimension.

I've always been independent, carving out my unique place in this existence since my youth. I've always had a working knowledge of who I Am and the powers vested in me. 

This concept of AM-ness is ever-expanding and, I promise, will look even more different and radical as I grow and learn and fill the canvas.

When one is in alignment with the All, everything is taken care of. The only sin is being disconnected from one's true essence.

Not much changes fundamentally, but as I move forward in my personal evolution, I continually become a greater version of myself, expanding infinitely.

And so it is.