Age of Eleven

Aquarian [11:11] Transmissions

Ninth day anointing.

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First eye aglow on the ninth day.

First eye aglow on the ninth day.

Culture dictates (well, not dictates, but is strongly suggested for the good of all involved) that following birth, mama and babe take a nine day sabbatical of sorts, staying in to rest and recuperate, refraining from bathing in the usual cool water. Warm water sponge and sitz baths are wonderful and so healing in those first few days. It's a good time to relax and get accustomed to breastfeeding and one another. Avoiding that cold water and taking too much a breeze outside is beneficial because your pores are open, your bones have moved all over, and everything about your physical self has gone through quite a process.

This photo was taken the eve of our ninth day, after we ventured out into the new world. The three o' we--papa, mami and babe--went down d road to finally see our family. Eleven was met with so much love! As alignment would have it, my two sistren (a dynamic mother-daughter duo) were organizing their space, and the one with a one-year-old daughter was in that moment preparing a bag full of darling Carter's baby clothes to pass on to Eleven- this polka-dotted number being one of them. She also gave me a long black chiffon dress which was slightly too small for my early postnatal ribcage, but perfect as a wrap/swaddle for the young Empress!