Age of Eleven

Aquarian [11:11] Transmissions

“You’re going to be SO loved by this baby...”

ChiChiComment one of the loveliest things a sistren has told me during this pregnancy.

I don’t care if baby’s a she or he; a watermelon or basketball. I know *I’m* going to love this baby—I already do. But to switch it around and talk about Baby 11.11’s love for me in return? That’s a totally different dynamic.

“I can tell by watching you that the baby loves YOU,” Nahid Wind continued. “S/he’s been real good to you and that means a lot, you know? You’ve had a smooth, nausea and pain-free uncomplicated pregnancy—that’s their soul’s gift to you!”

And it’s true—whenever I drop my “personal” egoic baggage, it’s incredible to feel the sheer universal LOVE vibration that’s been emanating from my center of creation.

A poet named Warsan Shire has a book entitled "Teaching My Mother How to Give Birth." And ain’t that the truth? I feel this New Being’s delicacy and vulnerability, but at the same time I’m feeling their strength and infinite cosmic energy. It’s been a shift in focus to be still and listen to what New Being’s been telling me.

For me, pregnancy has been the epitome of metamorphosis. I’ve learned more about MYSELF in these 37 weeks and counting than I have in however many years I've been alive in this incarnation.

As with all things, it’s certainly a culmination of existence, leading to an explosion of new possibility, only for the next dimension to open, waiting to be written. All is well. Ase. Ad infinitum.

update: she tells me exactly how she feels...