Age of Eleven

Aquarian [11:11] Transmissions

The new community in new time.


I don't know what date it is today, but I can tell you how many full moons ago I met some of my dearest beloveds. I can't tell you how many months pregnant I am (it depends on who's counting: the Gregorian calendar is a joke!)... but I CAN tell you how many weeks pregnant I am since it goes according to my last moon cycle (it's been 33)!

Life starts out operating on an even moon cycle (i.e., 40 weeks of gestation); why do we stop the natural flow and start living according to random-ass 28, 29, 30, & 31-day months?! 

"If you condition the mind to something that is irregular, then the mind will become irregular. If you condition the mind to something that is harmonic, then it will be more disposed to harmony."

My body experiences an immediate averse physiological response to the question, "So, what time shall we meet?" Especially if said date is over a week away. "Um...early evening?" Being that I don't punch artificial time clocks for paychecks anymore, set times kinda freak me out. It's NOT colored people time-- it's that I'm not an android but a COSMIC BEING.

The sun's position and the phases of the moon have become my primary timekeepers here in 2013. I prefer terms like "midday" instead of 12:30. I tell visitors to come over "after sundown." Nobody can be "late" in my book-- everyone is always on point if you just relax.

"The perfect instrument with which to switch tracks and move us from deadly deja vu to a galactically harmonizing future is the Thirteen Moon/28-day calendar. When you examine this calendar as an instrument of measure from a design perspective, you will see that it has no flaws. 

"It is perfect.

"When you get together and do it with other people of like mind, then you establish the opportunity for a new community in time."

Last week, we reaped the bounty of the Harvest Moon in a sister circle under a tree. The month prior, we gathered at the beach for the Blue Moon. 

Nearly 13 moons ago, The Maiden, The Mother, The Matriarch came together for a crystal bowl Fire Moon Ceremony at the lakefront during which so many relevant connections were made (my girls Alicia Fiasco and Elle Williams and their still-in-womb Aquababes met; I met such greats as Monique SisterMoon MooreKhetnu Nefer and HoneyPot Sky-Teaser). 

Many seeds were planted. 

And now, a near year later, me and the MMM creator Brandice Manuel are simultaneously pregnant with our twin starseeds, on track to give birth in the same month as the Fire Moon Ceremony of 2012.

The new community in NEW time is at hand. Do you see how much we're intentionally aligning ourselves with the planetary mind shift in consciousness?