Age of Eleven

Aquarian [11:11] Transmissions

Degrees of Difference


Life isn't "either/or;" black OR white-- it's more accurately "both/and;" the full spectrum of the rainbow.

So nothing is necessarily good or bad. It’s all about degrees of difference. Am I introverted or extraverted? I've oscillated between ENFP and INFP temperaments [Extra-/Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Perceiving] over the last few years, dependent on several factors. 2011? Extra. 2012-2013? Intro. This year, I see myself emerging into more of an equal balance between the two poles.

What's the difference between "hot" and "cold"? On a mercury thermometer, is there a definitive line where warm ends and cool begins? No, temperature is simply always in a varying state of warmth or coolness, and it’s always relative to something else. 32F is the official freezing point, yes, but I wouldn't call 34F warm. 

Someone in Chicago told me it was "warming up" this week, meaning that it'd be about 24 degrees Fahrenheit. Relative to weeklong temperatures of 11F, sure, 24 is warmer. But relative to where I'm at, all of that's still a brutal below-freezing climate.

The same breath you use to warm your hands is the breath you use to cool your coffee. Your intention is what makes the difference in how the breath is used. 


 all valuable tools.

all valuable tools.

Again, it's all a spectrum; just differences in degree. Can you rate the color red over blue? iCan't.

Is Sagittarius “better” than Aquarius? Is Virgo holier than Pisces? Virgo might think so, but nah, they’re just located at different degrees on the 360-degree circle. Zooming out, is the Tropical zodiac better than the Sidereal? They're all just part of it.

This universal Principle of Polarity embodies yet another productive approach we can apply to everyday life. Apparent contradictions can coexist, and instead of there being one singular truth (in this realm), I believe truth is subjective-- in the eye of the beholder. WE'RE all just part of it!