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The New Resurrection: Heaven is Here

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Gnostic Christians interpreted the resurrection differently. Some said that the person who experiences the risen Christ does not meet him physically raised back to life; rather, he encounters him on a spiritual level. This seems to be verified even in the New Testament gospels. When the resurrected Jesus appears to the apostles they don't even recognize him at first... 

...Gnostics were more interested in the possibility of meeting the risen Christ in the present than the past events attributed to the historical Jesus. 

-Book Review of The Gnostic Gospels by Eileen Pagels.


We're in quite the season! 

The spring solstice recently indicated new life emerging from the dead of winter, giving hope that spring is nigh. The most recent full moon was a "Blood Moon" lunar eclipse, highlighting identity, partnerships and breakthroughs. Planetary aspects are making poignant alignments: this week four planets will form a perfect Cardinal Grand Cross in the cosmos, representing crisis, problem-solving, and death to the inauthentic ego and its power bids. All in timing with Easter.

Nothing is mere coincidence.

Personally, it's a dawn of yet another rebirth as my family traverses from the tropical, earthy Trinidad & Tobago portal to a slowly-thawing Chicago and the United States at large. 







How drastic.

Our Trini send-off party/baby celebration at our family bookstore last October represented to me all that is beautiful and perfect about Chicago and our family in the States. The love we all shared was transcendent, and it was almost painful to have that experience at our party and five days later, leave everyone behind for half a year. While I spent much time uncomfortably learning how to be alone in Trinidad, it was the memories of that love explosion that kept me warm.

Since truly embracing my outernational global citizen status, I've a newfound appreciation for America and its spoils. I also can see through and disregard much of the bullshit that is presented on a silver platter. It's time is up, if you choose to see it that way.

...Our USA country is now on the Cross as [the country's] natal Sun in Cancer is almost exactly in the Cardinal Cross.  And what is dying on that Cross is the USA's separation from being an equal member of the World longer a Superpower Empire dominating the world, but instead a light of wisdom on how to bring varied cultures together in equality, community and freedom: Diversity in Unity. Our economic and military dominance is on that Cross, so our world can be reborn into an Age of Aquarius.

-Leo Knighton Tallarico, Perspectives From the Sky: Cardinal Grand Cross Transformations and Astrology Forecast April 20-26 

Trinidad is one version of heaven for me, but that does not negate the heaven I've created for myself right here in Chicago as well. And moving forward, the Motherland beckons to me. My last travels across the continent of Africa occurred seven years ago, and with Miss Eleven Tembo here, it's imperative for me, she, and Baba D to Sankofa. Shoo, may as well take this child around the globe while she flies for a fraction of the cost during these first two years!

Most importantly, I recognize so fully that freedom is not location-specific. If you don't feel free in America, you won't necessarily find it in a different country. This isn't to say that T&T isn't free, because comparatively speaking, it's literally a WAY more free country than the U.S. However, that same freedom is at hand right here in America if you know how to cultivate it.

It comes from within.

This is what Risen Christ or Christic/Krystic consciousness is about. It represents an egoic death and the raising of consciousness which accompanies that.

Heaven is not about an afterlife of gold-paved roads in some arbitrary place in the sky.  It's metaphoric. The kingdom of heaven? It's at hand. Heaven is right here, wherever your "here" happens to be at the moment. If it wasn't, life would just be a waste of time waiting for rewards after "death" when the fullness can be cultivated NOW. Anyone who has you believing otherwise is setting you up for a trap.

Body like a snakeskin...the question isn't "is there life after death?" Life is life after life, right here, right now. I've died a thousand times and will continue to die to myself and embody the Phoenix from the ashes. Burn. Rise.

What does your present heaven look like? What's your life presently speaking to you?