Age of Eleven

Aquarian [11:11] Transmissions

Recognizing the Chakras in Everyday Life

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Practical Application of the Chakras


This, for me, is a time of real grounding. My third eye and crown have always been on fleek, and in everyday terms, this means I've always trusted myself and my intuition.

I always follow what I feel, for better or worse (even though I don't really believe in those terms), and I evolve through those experiences. I've always been in tune with my spiritual essence, which is my true self. It has just gone through many filters and now is seeming to clear up and come into authentic focus.

I already know the heights; I recognize the magical and the mystical. My Great Work alchemy now is related to the lower chakras, especially the ROOT.

In everyday terms, this relates to being a good steward of the resources which I presently have. In my youth, they were not stable and I would constantly flitter off like a butterfly, moving away from the chaos to find my own inner peace and freedom.

However! for all the running, world traveling, and globe-trotting, wherever I went, I found nothing but myself. With that, along with making a baby, alongside Saturn returning after three decades, comes the necessity of the root chakra work.

Time to grow up.

I'm taking responsibility for creating my own structure. Oprah wasn't joking when she named her network the incredibly-fitting acronym and double-entendre: OWN. She was born to own.

We have to OWN our own shit. "For better or worse." The dramas, and the triumphs. All. Of. It.

I am physically rehabbing and upgrading my house; doing the work to build and create beautiful, comfortable spaces for myself, King and babygirl.

I am laying a wonderful foundation upon which to build the Empires which I envision and know are my destiny.

I am working the system to my advantage as a Master of my own affairs, rather than allowing it to own me as chattel, nor begging anything external for anything.

I am becoming more discerning and prudent, rather than being overly diplomatic, people-pleasing, and open to anyone who wants to collaborate or ride my coattails. Having a child has made me less tolerant of dealing with other people's aspirations or dramas. "I do what I want and say what I want with no apologies." ;) #empire

I'm recognizing my inherent power and operating from the place of Creator.

Too often, we get tie up in the esoteric woo-woo concepts of chakra and energy work, when really it's all just an energetic metaphor for the evolution of our lives.

So tell me: What is life speaking to you? What chakras have always worked for you? What chakras need more attentive work? What have been the themes of YOUR life in recent days, as we are shifting into the Age of Eleven/Age of Aquarius?

Let us discuss.