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11 Best Practices for Living an Abundant Life

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11 Best Practices for Living an Abundant Life

by mizChartreuse

1. Reciprocity is key in every relationship.

2. When asking for a favor from someone who has something that you want, bring something of value to the table.

3. "Free publicity" or "exposure" is typically not where it's at, unless you are high profile or influential enough to add value to the brand with your presence.

4. If you're working for free or for yourself, it can be acceptable to ask for volunteers and creative partners so long as you are clear on the scope of the project, and that the experience is symbiotically beneficial.

5. If you are making money in an endeavor and partnering, circulate the funds. #talkdone

6. There is no free lunch when your life is a business. Millionaire investors don't put in because they're nice and they like you. They put in so they can grow their money and get a multiplied return. 

7. Pay your invoices in a timely fashion, and if you cannot, be in communication about why. Don't make excuses. Manifest that money.

8. Don't beg entrepreneurs for discounts or handouts, especially when they do promotions and sales and provide other opportunities for savings. Go to the local beauty supply or ask TJ Maxx for a special deal.

9. Compensate specialists for their value and time. Invest in yourself and demonstrate that you respect a person's expertise when asking for advice, insight, or simply wanting a sounding board reflection.

10. Again: You have to provide a greater benefit when asking for the time and energy of someone from whom you want something. When a busy person already has paying clients, give them some incentive to deal with you.

11. WWOD? Ask yourself, "What Would Oprah Do?"


And a final word from our partner:

"Commerce is a universal language. It's the only one you can speak across the seven seas and be understood. If you seek growth in your personal and professional endeavors, learn it and leave your feelings at the door." -Rachel Rai Henry,

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