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The Aries Season New Year: Leveling Up

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This time last year I was at a crossroads, as I often find myself each Aries season. I'm always challenging myself to elevate, and the demarcation of spring and the new year usually come along with a leveling up of sorts.

Aries is the first fire sign of the zodiac and is of the cardinal modality. Cardinal signs pertain to beginnings, trailblazing, initiations, motivation, individual identity, and starting new things.

In April 2015 the question was:

Do I keep my Hyde Park retail shop open; in service to the community but at the expense of my sanity, family, and convenience? Or do I take a gamble on myself and close that chapter to open up to something greater; the unknown?

I could stay in the comfort zone of easy money but stressful responsibilities.

I could stay in a busy hub of familiar faces but repetitive dramas with no resolutions in sight.

I could power through to put up with the snakey negotiation offers that were on the table. 

The problem was, that table was standing on a rug of lies, with years' worth of unexamined dust swept beneath it. Did I really want to pull up a chair?


I was nervous and annoyed, but I've always known that my worth and wealth are not contingent on any physical location, and in fact, that many environments that appeared lovely were detrimental to my ability to generate.


In the Human Design system, I Am the Manifesting Generator who has always made my life, just like the Incubus song/album "Make Yourself." So I did.


We weighed the options, made the decision, and informed the necessary entities that we'd vacate in four days. Then we moved out all our merchandise in 24 hours. See my blog, "Wrapping Up the Crystal Pyramid Room Hyde Park."


I'm never afraid to make a drastic change and overhaul my life in one fell swoop to move forward and graduate to the next level. That's that Uranus (unconventional upheaval/sudden, innovative revolution) influence in my 5th house of creativity. 


Some people agonize and waffle over decisions for months. For me, if something is REALLY bogus and below my standard of operation, I take time to go within, pull some cards, do some journaling, make up my mind, and act on it immediately. 


I've always been like this: "running away" from my childhood home, breaking up with boyfriends, getting married in Tobago, resigning from corporate bureaucracy, making career shifts. Others might see it as drastic; I see it as trusting my journey and my choices. 


I'm under no obligation to maintain the status quo if it no longer serves, and especially when it's deceptive and manipulative. When it comes down to it, I'm not attached to anything. No matter what happens, I know I'll ALWAYS be all right.


Plus, with me having an Aries North Node (the highest purpose/potential in a natal chart), impulsive, independent moves are always going to serve my highest good. Operating selfishly is beyond my Libra South Node comfort zone, but is exactly what I need. I've already mastered the art of maintaining balance and harmony in relationships, so the more I do for Self, the better off everyone around me is. 


I hold myself to exceptional standards, so there's no space in my life for anything but excellence. I don't have time. I'm on the upswing.


Now, perfectionism can be rooted in fear, and running away might be symptomatic of avoidance, but these, too, are tendencies I've been deeply examining over the last few years as I've sat my ass down to stay in one place and actually build something of substance, rather than flitting around like the airy Gemini ♊️ Sun butterfly I can be.


Thank goodness for Saturn and that responsible anchor. Cheers to my womp womp Capricorn ♑️ Moon and Mars that indicate my drive to build and the ability to compartmentalize my emotions and not take everything so personally. 


Talking with my girl Alyssa Sharpe recently, we realized Neptune (spirituality/illusions) is tied for 1st place with Saturn as the strongest planet in my chart. I've never thought of myself as particularly Neptunian, but when I think about it, we can clearly see that manifest in my life by all the epic,  magic powers I wield now (and the fact that I've been delusional and blinded by spiritual frenemies in the past).


The strengths and challenges in my astrological nativity reflect how I've always been, and act as a guide for how to best expend my energy. So understanding my chart has given me a deeper perspective and clearer picture about how best I operate.


Taking the boutique private and growing the online presence has freed me up to focus on  great projects. 


In the last year I partnered with my world-renowned astrologer BFF Alyssa Sharpe to help build Sharpe Astrology. I co-founded Ascendancy Trusts with Rachel Rai and Faunta.


I created and published the Yoni Egg Shadow Integration Workbook, which is an epic accomplishment! My Chiron (deepest wound) in Gemini (communication) had me blocked in terms of completing and publishing an actual book, so this is a huge milestone.

I've conducted workshops all over the city, from B'Gabs Goodies south in Hyde Park to Hamsa Ayurveda Yoga in Lincoln Park. I've hosted countless special events at my boutique/home, which is the perfect integration of my Aries/Libra nodal axis. ♈️♎️

Watch my video about my Intro to Yoni Eggs workshop at B'Gabs Goodies in Hyde Park!

Watch my video about my Intro to Yoni Eggs workshop at B'Gabs Goodies in Hyde Park!


Had I stayed in that 11x11 retail storefront, I surely would have imploded by now. When I was there every day, I couldn't even think, let alone write or give presentations.


I stand here a year later, having taken the risk on myself, a major success.

My internal and external accomplishments demonstrate how I can create so much more value when I'm in the proper environment with the right support system.


Carefully curating the partnerships I enter and the types of business in which I engage has made for wonderful opportunities beyond that which I can even envision for myself.


And boy do I have visions. 




My life is a walking testament to the power of leveling up and trusting yourself. It also clearly reflects the seasonal shifts and changes associated with the archetypal themes of the zodiac. It's not like I had to TRY to be more Aries-like; it's just that this time of year is coupled with these personal themes of fresh starts and doing what is best for self. 


We always have the right to choose. When we take the time to really know ourselves, we can trust that we are truly making the right choices.

Check out the Yoni Egg Shadow Integration Workbook here. And if you'd like me to personally help you decode your natal chart, visit my Gemini Consults page for options, and check out the new Sharpe Astrology website for tons of great astro content!

Cheers to the new year.