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I AM: Aries North Node Level Up

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"People with Aries north node/Libra south node have spent many lifetimes mastering relationships. In previous lives, they have been married and worked in close partnership. They come to this life with strong interpersonal skills, naturally seeking synergies. 
The risk is that they compromise too much or fail to develop their own identities. Many get married or sign binding arrangements before forming their own identities. Later in life, they may go back to blaze a solo trail."

-"Aries and Libra North Node" by my beloved #mutablemagic sisters, The AstroTwins. 


Happy Aries season new year!


I'm trailblazing indeed.

Aries season is a great time to make moves, because it is the start of the astrological new year and a fresh blank slate, all about rebirth, independence and new beginnings. I love the new year feeling of the Aries season #LevelUp.


This time last year, I wrote about my new frontiers and reflected on the prior year, and it's such a great time to truly reflect on our growth in all things Aries.


Months ago, I recognized how much of my own identity and gifts were going by the wayside in favor of playing an extremely supportive role to my husband's gifts. Naturally, it became more burdensome and one-sided than enjoyable and reciprocal, so I made the choice to dissolve and transform my marriage, cut out the martyrdom, and forge forward on a solo trail so I could choose my SELF for the first time in my life. 

So what's new this year? We're moving! Eleven and I have been on the box-collecting hunt.



Securing my own new home in a beautiful two-flat house in an upwardly mobile neighborhood is so exciting for me, because I did it all on my own. 


I've lived in Palatine. Pilsen. Wicker Park. Ukrainian Village. Elk Grove Village. Little Village. Bridgeport. The South Shore. TRINIDAD & TOBAGO.


My Pluto (intense power) in Scorpio (transformation/regeneration) in the 4th house (roots/subconscious) has played out in many ways: From my tumultuous childhood home, to living with a million roommates and hella boyfriends in various 2- to 4-bedroom houses, to getting married and building 75% of a house in the Caribbean, I have been everywhere and done it all. 


But I have never in my 3+ decades of life lived in a place that felt completely optimal or truly like "home" to me. I've always either moved into someone else's space or into a collective space or had a revolving carousel of roommates. I've never in my life given myself the freedom to truly create the environment that *I* alone visualize and desire.


And THAT is sincerely why I usually end up resentful and eventually wanting to smash others, because I've never cultivated that inner sanctum and had it represented in my own living headquarters.


Aries Lessons


But thankfully, this Uranus (rapid upheaval) transit over my Aries North Node and Aries Midheaven is revolutionizing my independent warrior spirit. And Venus Retrograde in Aries is crystallizing the entire process right now.


The Midheaven is the top of your chart, usually the 10th house cusp, and the most public aspect of yourself. In terms of my Midheaven, I have made tremendous career moves over the last decade, but I know that they will only be operating at a fraction of their potential until I solidify my roots and get my home life straight. No more gallavanting about the country in RVs and living off the grid in Trinidad--having a child and seeing the importance of stability has completely shifted my priorities.


My Aries North Node shows me that my mission in this lifetime is to discover my true identity; one which has nothing to do with anyone else. And I know that identity is in my "I Am-ness," as a child of the divine and an extension of source consciousness, I AM what I Am simply because I exist, not because of any accolades, accomplishments, nor my relationships with others.


As a child, I coped with the dysfunction of my parents by becoming highly independent, not believing that they would be able to take care of me in the way that I desired. Further, being a gifted student early in life (but not having other aspects of myself reflected and validated by my parents) reinforced beliefs that I would have to either be a super capable achiever, or do things in support of my parents in order to receive love.

So after running away from home and embarking on an epic saga of forging the adult woman and mother I am today, I can look back and recognize how compromising my own desires in favor of supporting others continually led to unsatisfying life circumstances.


I can do the lovey, compromising, endlessly compassionate and supportive, let's-maintain-balance-and-I'll-keep-this-ship-running thing, in my sleep (Libra South Node). 


But that serves me not, for I continually will attract partners who either can't do much for me, or don't immediately think to step in because I become so overly others-oriented and find it challenging to ask for assistance. Then I extinguish my identity in the process of always being the giver, and end up disappointed and resentful even though *I signed up for it.*


With these realizations and the support of the archetypal planetary energies WITHIN ME, I am so excited to be on a new frontier and fresh blank slate during the first season of this zodiac new year. 



Besides, my daughter Eleven has an Aries Moon. The Moon in your chart represents not only your emotions and subconscious, but your perception of and relationship with your mother.


This means Eleven sees me as the Aries firestarter anyway, so I better embrace it by stepping into my Aries North Node soul mission!


It's SO important to have a working knowledge of your natal chart so you can clearly SEE what your soul is screaming for you to cultivate in this lifetime.


Where's your North Node and how are you rising up?


As always, I can assist in decoding your cosmic blueprint with my services here.