Age of Eleven

Aquarian [11:11] Transmissions

A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

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I have a tendency to speak in very non-committal terms because I patently refuse to box myself in.

"Where are you going?" To infinity and beyond.

"What date are you leaving?" Whenever we want.

"How long will y'all be gone?" It's hard to say. As long as we feel to be.

"Are you busy tonight?" Depends why you're asking. ;)

"Are you moving permanently?" Does permanence exist? We're constantly flowing. A rolling stone gathers no moss.

It's funny; because we've spent the last three winters abroad, people have come to expect a certain routine from us. "Shouldn't y'all be in Trinidad by now?" Nope. No "shoulds."

What I know for sure: the constant unfoldment can lead anywhere. I have goals and visions that are continually manifesting, especially because I am not attached to the HOW or the where.

As such, every thing I've ever said I wanted to do, I've done. And everything I want to do, I will continue to do. Make a magical baby in foreign with my brilliant man? Check. Live for 28 days to half a year in Las Vegas or the Caribbean? Check. Paid to exist? Check. Privately procure an RV to take domestic freedom to the next level? Check. 

We are limited solely by our imaginations. I don't talk just to talk, or sell ankhs for the hell of it. My family represents an embodiment of sovereignty, using divine mathematical formulas to rebirth the trinity architecture. 

I Am free enough to not only ride, but influence the waves and make 90-degree dimensional leaps with regularity. I'm a real earthy air sign, but use the fire to purify, the ether to create, and physically emulate the fluidity of being like water to roll with the flow.

It all starts with a thought. What are you bringing into existence?


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