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The Crystal Pyramid Room AQUARIUS BLUE MOON Sip & Shop Party!

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In honor of the most energetic period of the lunar cycle, the Crystal Pyramid Room is hosting a FREE Blue Moon Sip & Shop Party featuring BLUE MOON Belgian Wheat Ale beer and our Crystal Pyramid signature Moon Crystal Fire Water Elixir!

Aquarius Blue Moon Party


The Aquarius BLUE MOON is this Friday, July 31! A Blue Moon is a rare astronomical occurrence when there are 4 Full Moons in one season (the time between a Solstice and Equinox). The modern understanding of the Blue Moon is when we have two Full Moons in one Gregorian calendar month, which we have here in July! The last blue moon appeared on August 31, 2012, and the next one won't occur until January 31, 2018!


Time: 8 p.m.

Entry: free.99!


The Sips:

-Free Aquarius Full Moon-infused crystal fire water elixir

-$5 Limited Edition Artist Series Special Label Blue Moon Beers served with fresh orange slices


The Shops:

-Special Blue Moon exclusive prices on Age of Eleven Moon Ritual Gift Sets & other Products

-$20 silk bags of raw Crystal Pyramid Full Moon Elixir Quartz Crystal Points (many of which we mined ourselves)

-$11 Full Moon Incense Kits (includes frankincense resin, palo santo holy wood, loose white sage leaves & 4 charcoal briquets)

-$15 White Sage Smudge Kits (includes a white sage bundle, a medium size abalone shell, a carved wooden tripod stand & a feather for smudging)

-$15 Mega Abalone shells for sage smudging (ceremonial, and nicer than using an ashtray!)

-$30 Chakra Meditation Sets (a silk bag of seven crystals for each major chakra)

-$15 to $35 Selenite Wands (depends on size)

-$40 Goddess bracelets (regular price: $65!)

-50% off/Buy One Get One FREE Yoni Eggs!


The Full Moon is a time of reaping the fullness of what we’ve sown at the new moon, and standing in gratitude for that which we’ve brought forth before we begin clearing out for the waning moon period.

After such a lovely Cancer New Moon gathering full of natal chart decoding, intention-setting, and Tesla coil charging, this Aquarius Blue Moon is the perfect time to celebrate the peak of the lunar cycle.

There are currently SIX planets in retrograde (Venus, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Chiron) plus the Lunar Nodes, so this Full Moon is calling us to take a pause for the cause.

We been working a lot, planting seeds, and are on the brink. For this special night, we finna chill, and laugh, and drink.

Come Sip & Shop at the new Crystal Pyramid Room in Chicago's South Shore and stock up before we travel out for most of August and September!

RSVP for entry. BYOB if you don't like beer. Free parking in the lot at Baltimore/Commercial.


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