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Cancer Season: We Go Deep

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Cancer Season: We Go Deep

Cheers to Cancer Season!

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac and the fourth stage of human evolution, so it corresponds with the 4th House of the chart wheel. It is ruled by the Moon, and Jupiter is exalted in this sign. 


The Cancer glyph can be seen as a mother's arms embracing a child, or the claws of the crab. Symbolically, Cancer is represented by the Crab, but also the Tortoise, the Scarab, the Cat, and the Crawfish.


Modality-wise, Cancer is one of four Cardinal signs, which means it pertains to new beginnings, initiative, and motivation (just like Aries, Libra, and Capricorn).  


 Age of Eleven Zodiac Glyph Pendants

Age of Eleven Zodiac Glyph Pendants

Cancer is the first water sign, meaning it operates in the emotional and spiritual planes (just like Scorpio and Pisces).


Water signs are Feminine in polarity--receptive, responsive, and fluid--and the body parts Cancer rules are the breasts and the stomach.


The element of Water is all about our deepest, most primal emotions, and the needs and longings of our soul. Water signs seek to make connections, but on deeper, transformational levels unlike Air signs which can be more flighty in nature. 


Jumping off the Gemini Cliff


Gemini Season was lit AF. During that time, we explored our surroundings and enjoyed our connections with others on the mental realm. We recognized the value of our voices and put major emphasis on the importance of speaking our truths.


Unlike watery Cancer, Gemini is the Mutable Masculine Air sign which tends to be uncomfortable with deep emotions and prefers the mental plane of ideas, information and creative expression.


The transition from Gemini to Cancer, Air to Water, can be rather jarring; think about the feeling of jumping off a cliff, descending through the air at terminal velocity, and plunging into the ocean. 


This year in particular, our entry into Cancer season (which is marked by the Solstice, the longest day of the year) was accented by the Sagittarius Blue Moon (for the first time since 1967), so the transition was relatively poignant.


The Light and Shadow of Cancer


Planets in Cancer are submerged in an emotional bath--they become very sensitive to feelings and entirely subjective. Venus, the Moon, and Jupiter do well in Cancer. Mercury and Saturn, however, tend to struggle here because they prefer to be more objective and direct, not so watery and fluid. 


 My Venus is in Cancer. :)

My Venus is in Cancer. :)

Cancer season is all about creating an emotional and soul identity.


The highest expression of Cancerian energy is through recognizing the importance of soul connections and nurturance.


Cancer seeks to protect and preserve the family, and through that, it experiences the ONEness of all creation and the inherent connection we all have to source. 


The shadow side of Cancer is when it forgets the truth of our connection to All. 


When Cancer feels threatened or that its needs will not be met, it can become needy, clinging, and possessive. Mothers smother instead of nurture. Material indulgences ensue as a substitute for love and affection. Cancer rules the stomach, and comfort food overeating can easily happen. All these defense mechanisms are manifestations of the Crab building the hard outer shell to protect from the pain of the outside world.


Self-reliance and self-sufficiency are the lessons of Cancer--connections to others and emotional intelligence are paramount to life, but we must also have the courage to forge our own paths as individuals without the dependencies.


The Comfort of Coming Home

 One of the first photos of newborn Eleven in Trinidad. "My home is in my head." -Bob Marley

One of the first photos of newborn Eleven in Trinidad. "My home is in my head." -Bob Marley


We've jumped off the Gemini cliff and are now submerged in the deep waters of Cancer energy. Time to switch gears in a major way and up the emotional intelligence quotient.


As Cancer season picks up steam, it will be beneficial to pay attention to the word or image of HOME and all the meanings associated with it. Beyond a physical location, home is the true residence of the heart and your deepest passions.


 The Trini Trinity.

The Trini Trinity.

Cancer, home, and the 4th House pertain to our childhood nuclear and biological families, as well as the ones we create through our own partnerships, marriages, and chosen extended kindred. Home is the realm of tribe. 


Home pertains to your roots and emotional life, and as such, it corresponds to your first (root) and fourth (heart) chakras.


Cancer and the fourth house challenge us to complete our unfinished childhood business and establish healthy homes for ourselves as adults.


What sign is on the cusp of your 4th House? What planets reside there? What planets do you have in Cancer? In what house are your Cancerian planets? Where is your natal Moon? What is your relationship like with your mother?

 Cancer & the 4th House: Your Inner Environment || from  The Yoni Egg Shadow Integration Workbook

Cancer & the 4th House: Your Inner Environment || from The Yoni Egg Shadow Integration Workbook


All these questions can help you decode your Cancer energy. My book, The Yoni Egg Shadow Integration Workbook, also walks you through the steps of decoding Cancer & the 4th House.


This Cancer season, focus on healing your personal history and recognizing you no longer have to carry the baggage or claim "that story;" the narrative that may not even have been yours to begin with. 


We have the right to choose in all ways -- we can continue to carry and pass down our ancestral wounds and patterns of negativity and detriment, or we can pass on the energy of optimism, freedom and the expansive beauty of life.


 The Cancer Astro Fro Zodiac Tee from Seven Days of Slay

The Cancer Astro Fro Zodiac Tee from Seven Days of Slay