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Cancer New Moon: A Glass Case of Emotion

The New Moon is this Wednesday, July 15 at 8:15 p.m. CST.

It is highly beneficial to work with the phases of the moon to get in sync with the cycles of nature and use that energy to manifest.

A New Moon is when the Sun and Moon are conjunct. As you can see in the photo, the conjunction shows how the Sun and Moon are perfectly aligned from our perspective on Earth. Since we're still in Cancer season, the New Moon is also in Cancer.

Cancer is about nurturing, belonging, and forming emotional bonds to others, and identifying with the source. Cancer is a Feminine, Cardinal (beginnings, action), Water (emotions, spirituality) sign. The Sun in Cancer is about the motivation to form emotional connections with others.

Planets in Cancer are submerged in emotions and become quite sensitive. They tend to act quite subjective in nature and lose grander perspective because they're submerged in a super water bath glass case of emotions.

Generally speaking, Venus, the Moon, and Jupiter do well in Cancer, although having a Cancer Moon is like being the Victoria Falls.

This New Moon energy is embellished by a stellium of FOUR planets in the same sign: in addition to the Sun and Moon, Mars (action) and Mercury (expression) are also conjunct (perfectly aligned/within 10 degrees of each other) in Cancer!

The Sun in Cancer

The Sun on its own is most comfortable being self-reliant, but Cancer desires nurturance through relationships. The lesson of the Sun in Cancer is about how to discover and express the individual identity directly, rather than in the context of a relationship. As I wrote about for the Capricorn Full Moon, the Sun in Cancer wanders until it can discover the truth that we can meet our own emotional needs and are whole and complete in and of ourselves.

The Moon in Cancer

A glass case of emotions.


No really, the Moon rules Cancer, and this is actually the only sign where the Moon has any dignity at all. The Moon is in its element, has no restrictions, and really only has to worry about overreacting or becoming too dependent on others.

In other words, stay away from me if you have a Cancer Moon because I just don't have time for all that. I keed, I keed. #ImACapricornMoon ;)

Mars in Cancer

Mars is inherently lucky in water signs because it's less likely to get in trouble. Its otherwise fiery, aggressive nature is cooled down a bit by the water energy. However, Mars in Cancer is in fall (but is also dignified by triplicity), so it makes for complex expression.

Cancer is Cardinal, indicating impulsiveness. Mars' natural aggression/defensiveness here pertains to the motivation for emotional connection. The watery environment means that the aggression may be displaced or miss its target. Don't let intense energy bottle up; allow for its release, lest it manifest as pain or illness, especially in the sacral and solar plexus chakras.

Mercury in Cancer

Mercury isn't too happy in water signs, because they are emotional and subjective. Mercury is all about clear and direct, objective expression. Mercury in Cancer is mostly peregrine, a term that means it's neither exalted nor debilitated, but is more wandering and meandering.

However! Mercury has dignity by face from 11 to 20 degrees of Cancer, and dignity by term from 13 to 20 degrees. This Mercury/Mars conjunction is at 14 degrees at the time of the New Moon. Fortunately for us, this dignity brings the ability to communicate with focus, compassion, and love, even when Mercury finds it challenging to be more detached.

squares and oppositions are red (tension); trines and sextiles are blue (harmony)

squares and oppositions are red (tension); trines and sextiles are blue (harmony)



Aspect Patterns

Mars & Mercury are square (a hard aspect) Uranus (unconventional/innovation) and trine (a free-flowing aspect) Neptune (spirituality/illusion). All four planets (Sun, Moon, Mars & Mercury) are opposition (the aspect of balance/perspective) Pluto (transformation)! There is much powerful energy here in the realm of nurturance in the 6th house of health/daily routines.

Saturn (responsibility) is also trine (flow) the Sun/Moon, so this brings discipline in how we will go about creating our desires. Jupiter and Venus are still only 5 degrees apart, which brings that fortunate, loving conjunct energy as it trines (flows) revolutionary Uranus.

We can also implement healing of our innermost wounds, as there is a water grand trine (an equilateral triangle of free-flowing energy between three signs in the same element) between Saturn in Scorpio, the Sun/NewMoon in Cancer, and Chiron in Pisces. We already know Saturn is the restriction/fears. Chiron, the asteroid/planetoid is the wounded healer, and points to the part of life where you can heal others once you have integrated and transcended your own deepest wound.

My Shadow Integration natal chart readings focus directly on Saturn, Chiron, and the North Node, which is your destiny. The keys to your evolution and living your purpose are always connected to healing the subconscious wound, facing your fears, and integrating the shadow.

With this supportive grand trine of free-flowing energy between Saturn, Chiron, and the New Moon, now is a great time to look to your own chart for guidance on how to live your best life. Click my photo to book a session with me today!

The Cancer New Moon Manifestation Party!

If you're in Chicago, The Age of Eleven / Crystal Pyramid Room is hosting a New Moon in Cancer event this Wednesday evening from 7:11-11:11 p.m. in our private South Chicago metaphysical center. The gathering will focus on the themes of this particular New Moon, and on becoming clear about what we wish to create during this cycle.

I'll be offering mini chart readings where I show each attendee how this New Moon in Cancer is transiting your unique birth chart, and which area of life will be at the forefront. With the clarity from knowing what this energy cycle is for YOU, you can write your intentions for the 28-day cycle.

Writing the intentions is a key step in the manifestation process, because you're bringing something from the etheric realm of idea into the physical realm where it's on paper and you can see it.

You can then solidify your intentions energetically with a crystal bowl meditation in the Pyramid Room, and amplify them with our 250,000-volt, extra-high-frequency Tesla Coil under the copper pyramid, all built by Dread.

250,000-volt high frequency Tesla coil in the Age of Eleven / Crystal Pyramid Room metaphysical center

250,000-volt high frequency Tesla coil in the Age of Eleven / Crystal Pyramid Room metaphysical center


Email me at AgeOfEleven at gmail for more information or if you'd like to attend!

Crystal-wise, selenite is THE moon crystal. It is highly beneficial in meditation, or to cleanse and charge other crystals as you plant the seeds of manifestation during the dark, fertile energy of the New Moon. Come get some selenite or another crystal that we recently mined from the earth, and get charged up at the Cancer New Moon party!

Age of Eleven Selenite Chakra Gift Set

Age of Eleven Selenite Chakra Gift Set



The New Moon is the blank slate time of planting seeds. With all this energy surrounding the emotional, introspective parts of our lives, now is a great time to focus on our innermost foundations, since we can express it (at least to ourselves), and take action to implement necessary changes.

And if you're feeling hella emotional, know that soon...this, too, shall pass.

But by the time, ask yourself: What makes me feel at home? What brings me the most comfort? What deep wounds are ready to be unearthed and integrated? What am I searching for in others that I probably already have myself? Is there anything I need to unravel and shift?

We're in a time of insta-manifestation! Use the tools of nature to make the transits of this Cancer New Moon work for you.