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Wrapping Up The Crystal Pyramid Room Hyde Park

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The Age of Eleven / Crystal Pyramid Room brand is expanding!

It's official: The Crystal Pyramid Room is no longer occupied by 5204 S. Harper Avenue in Hyde Park's Harper Court.


The planet is ascending, and there are some major timeline bifurcations occurring instantaneously, especially for those who are aligned with the great work of raising the vibration of the planet, and most importantly, their own vibrational frequency.

The Age of Eleven/Crystal Pyramid story has continued to evolve alongside the planetary quantum leaps, and this moment is no different.

After years of primarily doing street festivals and art shows in 10x10 pop-up tents both domestically and internationally, in May 2014 Crystal Pyramid Metaphysics & Design accepted an offer to temporarily move into the little 11x11 storage space next to Frontline Books. The two businesses had incorporated together years ago, anyway, and we had a mutually beneficial agreement in terms of being in the space.

We brought some major vibes to the little room!

The address, 5+2+0+4 = 11, and the shop itself was 11x11 square feet, but all signs confirm that The Age of Eleven brand and babygirl Eleven have outgrown the box and require a larger and higher space. <--That sentence wins the contest for how many times you can use Eleven/11 in a sentence and still make sense.

Decode the film Lucy, where a woman evolved to use 100% of her brain capacity and transcended her singular physical location to be EVERYWHERE.


That is the vision we hold for the Age of Eleven & Crystal Pyramid brands. Not everybody is at 52nd & Harper, but everyone is online.

Simply put, we outgrew the shop. Heck, everyone wanted to be there, but if four adults were in the space at any given time, it immediately became uncomfortably cramped. Then of course, there were the various moths, bugs, and snakes that were incessantly drawn to the brightest light on the block.


I love expansion, growth and moving forward. I don't cut back, I don't scale down, I don't budget and scrimp, I build MORE.

I enjoy outdoing myself. I don't have competition. I ain't studying other people like that, and people don't step to me with bullshit because they are patently unable.


 really guys? really? #shadeface

really guys? really? #shadeface

Dissimilar vibrations cannot occupy the same space.

The last person to attempt to bring any sort of nonsense directly to me was one of Dread's former romantic cohorts (and there are many). It happened a long time ago, and it didn't turn out so well for her. And if you're reading this and think I'm talking about you, I probably am. :)

The dynamics between us and a number of other individuals in the very small Frontline community came to just that. Nonsense.

Those who would enjoy capitalizing on my natural networking skills or were envious of our effortless manifesting abilities would have to resort to behind-the-scenes plotting, “don't tell Chartreuse, but...” planning, and cowardly, passive-aggressive tactics.

So they did. Because they couldn't step directly to us with it.

Because dissimilar vibrations cannot occupy the same space.


These new cosmic frequencies are forcing everything hidden to be revealed in so that core structural changes can be developed in order to survive or progress forward...We may be required now to build a new platform for our life, or make small or big changes to how we function in our day to day life.

The higher frequency you are working within that is inside any of these old organized structures will reflect the sudden onset of collapse, immediate chaotic changes or economic flatline. As an example, people that are working within jobs of creative, artistic or spiritual interest will have an immense pressure to change their attitudes, values and rules of engagement to reflect a matched higher vibration. The matched vibration is open and inclusive – not hidden or exclusive.
— Energetic Synthesis, "Core Structural Changes"


This is what I know for sure:

All of us can win-- there is more than enough abundance for everybody.

The symbiosis that Dread, Eleven and I create is our own original signature, and a result of our particular trinity chemistry. It's unfortunate that some folk can't be original but want to recreate what we've BEEN doing, whether it was copper jewelry, "tobacco"  glass pipes, gourmet edibles, crystal healing, or whatever. 

We are often imitated, but can never be duplicated. 

It's much more productive to be inspired by someone's success and abundance, than to attempt to tear it down and build a shoddy replica.

What do YOU do? Find your signature and do it well.

I can't do the same thing year after year without any notion of progression, expansion and growth. I take cues from my environment and make strategic moves accordingly.

I AM the Creator of my own subjective reality, and being in tune with what is happening in the universe brings constant confirmation that all is One as we transition to The Age of Eleven.

 SO much more where this came from!

SO much more where this came from!

With the way that Dread creates jewelry every day, what was able to be displayed in the shop was literally no more than 11% of our total inventory. In truth, it was probably only 1%.

There is SO much more that we haven't even been able to share with allyuh, but in growing the website, we're opening up our market reach infinitely.

I am well aware that the Crystal Pyramid Room gave life to many people. The initials 'CPR' are no coincidence. :)


There were several times when I considered closing the shop, but left it open to be of service to the south side and create jobs for a few special people.

But in truth, it was becoming more of a burden for me at this particular juncture.

It was one thing when Eleven was a fat little infant and would hang out and sleep wrapped on my back for half the day. But now she wants to dance inside the glass jewelry cases, and can't nap in the back without being disrupted by some loudmouth coming in and saying nothing of consequence.

Eleven is mobile and free and wants to examine everything, and I'm here to promote her exploration—not to tell her she can't touch all the beautiful things around her.

Time is a commodity, and I know my skills needed to be used more efficiently. So I hired staff to run the place in my absence, then realized how much I don't have the desire to be managing and training anyone beyond myself and my toddler.

And what's the point of being a self-sufficient entrepreneur but missing the first few years of a new being's life?


 envy is a waste ah time, boy. no need to be in competition.

envy is a waste ah time, boy. no need to be in competition.

I enjoy being of service, but not necessarily at the mercy of the general public, nor in the midst of snakey people who watched the magic we made and felt they needed to COMPETE.

Why not build toward the bigger vision, serve the community with metaphysical goodness, and be good stewards of that which you can uniquely create, in conjunction with my family?


It took me experiencing all of the above to recognize just how much I have to be the master of my own domain, in every sense of the phrase.


I am the Messenger, and while the Crystal Pyramid Room was a lovely way to share our message, it could not have been forever. I am a writer, and pretty much everything else is a distraction from what I'm supposed to be building.


As such, I can only thank everyone involved for being vessels of this divine project, even when they were being malcontent, cowardly and snakey.



During this period, when challenged by the 3D structure, practice states of engaged detachment to such scenarios as accusations, betrayals, legal and financial compliance issues, losing material objects, etc. The entire base foundation of one’s primary support structure is changing now. YOU may be pulled out of places or organizations that you were previously working, living or removed from people that you were collaborating with.
— Energetic Synthesis, "Core Structural Changes"


2012-13 was the era of the Pyramid Room, Tesla Coil and Multiple-Wave oscillators. Through that 250,000-volt high frequency portal, we manifested starseed babygirl Eleven and the Trinidad magic we created through 2014. 


The retail Crystal Pyramid Room in Hyde Park was the next stage of manifestation and a great year. Being in the heart of Hyde Park was wonderful. It was a beautiful insta-manifestation of one of my 2014 goals, and much bigger than the three of us, and clearly much bigger than that 11x11 storefront. 


Forward ever, and true to my evolutionary form, I have some even bigger projects on the horizon set to launch at month's end, so stay tuned.

 hint hint!

hint hint!



We are international, global, universal citizens. We need our business to be beyond space and time in true reflection of our natural selves.

In the process of serving the Hyde Park community, we have not only made priceless connections with our soul family and tribal kinfolk at large---but we've grown our online brands and website to a significant place.

We closed the store quite suddenly I know, but I don't have too many attachments to things because my source of abundance is not outside of me, nor dependent on any one place. We do what we do and find favor everywhere, because it is universally viable.

More from Core Structural Changes:

Most of us recognize this consciousness elevating process (initiation into new fields of frequency) as the “integration of polarities.” One cannot be a true knower without having had the direct experience of becoming it through the embodiment process. Every Mystery School emphasizes this as a critical initiation (state of consciousness elevation) to be able to transcend the illusion of form as being real.

This has been especially emphasized with the Starseed, as many of us were not intrinsically 3D human, nor did we share the same Archontic value system of enslaved humanity. We had to learn how to become a 3D human in order to transcend that limitation in service to help the rest of humanity to ascend and find freedom. Most of us have experienced a high level of physical discomfort with the forces of resistance, counter-energies, NAA or a plethora of confused and adversarial forces placing obstacles in our spiritual mission pathway.

Many times, the intensity between the polarization of opposing forces is the necessary catalyst to slingshot our way past levels of low density or decrepit energy structures to elevate us quickly to a new consciousness. That is exactly what is happening during this phase and you may be feeling it as such a core rattling experience that it is your molecules rearranging.
— Energetic Synthesis, "Core Structural Changes"


We're not gone; we've just transcended. You mightn't be able to walk into the space, but we're never more than a swipe or double-click away.

Remember: To obtain a bird's eye is to turn a blizzard to a breeze.

To infinity and beyond!


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Chartreuse, Dread & Eleven