Age of Eleven

Aquarian [11:11] Transmissions

Honesty and personal struggles make the best stories.

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Honesty and personal struggles are the only interesting stories to read.


Let's keep it real, fam. 


The most endearing stories are the most raw. One can only take so many platitudes and inspirational quotes.

I get that we have to adjust our mindset and shift our perspectives since we are the authors of our lives, but sometimes shit just sucks.


And that is great.

As long as you don't stay there forever, it's good to let yourself feel what you need to feel and work through it.


I spent many years suppressing the full range of my emotions, and charging it to positivity and optimism. That's called spiritual bypassing. Positive thinking is fine and dandy, but life ain't all roses and candy. 


Spiritual bypassing and emotional suppression stem from childhood experiences, of course.

In my case, my suppression came from growing up in a relatively dysfunctional household and getting used to letting all the nonsense roll off my back until I was old enough to run away and get the hell out of the chaos. Then, running away from hardship became my M.O. 


And it's finally only in the last couple years I've realized the value in staying home, laying proper foundations, and getting mad sometimes. Happiness is not out there; it's right here.


Negativity has its time and place, and sometimes I enjoy wallowing. It's winter. I'm melanated. 1 degree ain't my climate. We hibernate. 


Cosmic Conundrums


I'm in a very Saturnine place right now, with the planet of restriction opposing my Sun and moving through my 5th house of creativity, fun, and children. 


Transit Venus is also opposing my Sun, making me feel self-indulgent. I don't feel like hustling, even when I have to. 


But then, the transit Sun is conjunct my natal Moon, giving me a boost of confidence and energy surrounding my family and creative projects.


Everything says, "slow down and take time to have fun. But you can still work and transform your expression." *Kanye face* HOW! 

But it's all right. Knowing how to read my charts and transits give me the ability to recognize WTF is going on, and why I feel what I feel.

Receipts, Please.

Parenting is hard. Being self-employed is hard. Hell, thriving in America is hard. All of these things can be done powerfully and gracefully, but they do take work. 


I don't want to hear only about your glory. Tell me your story. What experiences have you had that empower you to share what you know? What did you go through to get it in? 


Your business brings in 6 figures annually. Inspiring! But what daily grind went into building it? 


You're a relationship and love coach. What have some of your experiences been? Why'd you leave your partner then get back with him? What did you experience? What did you learn? 


Show me the receipts. 


Your entire life crashed into nothingness and you've found yourself back at square 1 in your 40s.


Fantastic! We all gloriously shatter and burn, and that's what it takes to be reborn.


Parents need to be able to say that parenting is not fun if they're feeling it in a moment. I shouldn't even feel the need to quantify that sentence with "sometimes," but I just did. It should go without saying that we love our children.


Talk about your exhaustion. Your obstacles. Your sadness. Your introspection. We shouldn't only speak on such things when another celebrity commits suicide.


What I know for sure is that everything stems from me, and I am able to try anything, fail or get shut out, and get back up and do it again. But in those middle moments; the times when I feel most weary, I am able to zoom out, check the big picture, and recognize that ALL of my experiences on this earth plane- good or bad- have merit and are valuable.


Bullies are secret admirers. Hard times are catalysts.


The power is within us, which is why our very well-being is under such attack. To all the organically human tribes here on earth- WE are the key keepers to the holy grail. It is in our DNA. If you feel you're going through it now, just be here now and remember who you are. This too, shall pass.


In the meantime, share about it so others can see themselves reflected instead of envying you for the house of cards, "all-is-well" fronting that so many of us portray.


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