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Video Blog: How to Cleanse a Yoni Egg (and Other Crystals)

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Upon acquiring a new yoni egg (or any crystal), the first thing you want to do is clean it physically, and cleanse it energetically. There are a number of ways you can do this, and the method you use will depend on the type of crystal.

When cleaning a brand new yoni egg, you can use water (the more mineral-free, the better), and if necessary, a mild, chemical-free soap (such as Dr. Bronner's brand) to remove any sticky residue from the egg's label. 

Next, you want to sterilize the egg. Boil enough water in a pot high enough to submerge the egg. WAIT until the water has cooled down enough that you can touch it with your finger, and soak the egg in the water for 15-20 minutes or so.

It is very important to allow the water to cool; never boil a crystal. Crystals have varying degrees of hardness, and softer minerals (especially the quartz family) can expand and crack quite easily in high temperatures.

Finally, it is worthwhile to set your intentions for your yoni egg practice. Crystals are piezoelectric-- meaning they emit an electrical charge under pressure-- and are very programmable. Spend some time in meditation to attune yourself to the crystal, and while holding the egg, you can either think your intentions, or state them out loud.

rose quartz, the stone of the heart.

rose quartz, the stone of the heart.

For example, with a rose quartz (the love stone) yoni egg, you might say: "Through this practice, I will come to love myself, fully and unconditionally, and integrate the polarities within me."

Rose quartz helps bring out an awareness of the gentle, softer nature overcoming hard, strong one. It imparts empathy, and encourages proper self-love, a strong heart, romance and the ability to love. 

And no matter what gemstone you use, it all boils down to self-love and acceptance-- this is the foundation.

Trust your intuition, and do what YOU feel is right. Your higher self can never steer you wrong if you tune in.


Cleansing other types of crystals

When it comes crystals other than carved yoni eggs, there are few more things to consider. The eggs that we sell for internal use are all safe to be submerged in water and of course, in the wet recesses of a woman's vagina.

Other stones, however, can be cleansed in different ways due to their mineral makeup. 

Various ways to clean, cleanse and energize crystals.

Various ways to clean, cleanse and energize crystals.

Cleansing is an umbrella term that can refer to three different procedures: discharging, cleansing, and charging.

Discharging: Crystals become statically charged when they come into direct contact with the body. Amber is the most extreme stone to experience the static effect; it takes on a lot of heat and warmth from the wearer's body. The static charge can be discharged again under running water, or you can bury the gem in the earth to neutralize it.

Note: stones such as malachite, selenite, lapis lazuli, and turquoise should not be submerged in water, as they will dissolve and dry out.

Cleansing: Even after discharging static electricity from a crystal, the information it received will remain stored until it is cleansed. You can cleanse a crystal in a number of ways:

  • smudging with white sage, palo santo holy wood, or another meditative incense like frankincense
  • placing the crystal on an amethyst druse, cluster, or geode
  • laying the crystal in sea salt 

Do your research on potential chemical reactions your crystal might have with salt! For example, laying an opal in dry salt would extract water from the opal and transform it into chalcedony. A safe way to cleanse a stone without compromising its mineral integrity would be to lay the crystal in a small glass dish, then lay that dish in a larger glass dish full of salt.

Charging: A crystal's vibrational intensity is connected to its absorbed energy. By targeted charging, you can increase a crystal's healing effect. 

Place stones in sunlight, preferably at sunrise/sunset. Some stones such as amethyst, kunzite, and rose quartz will fade in direct sunlight. You can also charge a crystal by the light of the moon, preferably at full moon time, when the moon's light is most brilliant. Click here for my blog on how to make full moon crystal fire water and gem elixirs for consumption. 

You can also charge a stone by warming it in your hand.

The effect of healing stones will only remain stable after you have stopped using them, if the insight gained is then transformed into action. We ourselves are the causes of our problem and we ourselves can change them. Crystals, gems and essences are merely aids in the process--nothing more. -Michael Gienger, Crystal Power, Crystal Healing

As always, crystals are simply tools we can use, and should never become a substitute for one's own creativity and problem-solving. Enjoy the benefits of working with mama earth's beautiful gifts that are external manifestations of that perfection which is already within us. Look into yourself, go within, and know that the answers are always there.