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6 Tips for Living with a Yod

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6 Tips for Living with a Yod

  Black & white yod illustration from

Black & white yod illustration from

Do you have a YOD in your natal chart?


Decoding the Yod in Astrology

A yod aspect pattern is an equilateral triangle made of two planets in sextile, with both of them inconjunct (AKA "quincunx") a third planet. 

You can see Prince has not one, but TWO yods - one pointing to his 0 degree Mars, the other pointing to his 0 degree North Node. The Yod triangles are the green dotted inconjunct lines connected by a short blue sextile base.

Yods symbolize patterns in families that have lasted for generations. They are rare and can be seen as fated, and a yod formation can act rather like an unaspected planet. 

Carriers of the "Finger of God" can also feel insecure, or have trouble expressing themselves, and there is an emphasis on unusual situations. This is because, ultimately, those with yods in their chart have a restless sense of unique purpose and a calling -- and can primarily only embody their purpose by BEING themselves, authentically.

Inconjunct aspects are a challenge because there's this inextricable connection between the three (or more) planets, but they speak different languages by element and modality and as such, require flexibility. 

The yod is also described as embodying "a crisis in timing," in that since the three planets involved speak different languages, when a yod is activated, there are multiple different ways the native can go in response. 


Qualities of Yod-Bearers:

-We are not aware of how yods really express themselves

-We elicit particular responses from the environment which we don't understand

-Parents have trouble comprehending yod children

-We maneuver in incomprehensible circumstances

-We experience things "out of the blue" 

-What crosses our path often involves some scare, shock, insecurity, or some other uncomfortable situation over which we cannot exercise any influence--the strange things simply happen


Yods are strange, but also somewhat mystical and fated in that those who have yods are here to shed light upon patterns that have gone unaddressed for GENERATIONS. 


Yod natives know they have a different type of purpose, and whether or not they ever actually figure out what that purpose is, just their very existence is a revolutionary act.


6 Tips for Living With a Yod 

From Karan Hamaker-Zondag's "The Yod Book" -

1. Live out and experience emotions; don't be overpowered or swept away by them

2. Retain integrity at all costs; dare to become aware of who you are, in spite of your doubts

3. Watch out that you don't attach exaggerated religious value to anything outside yourself

4. Try not to do anything too radical (as in upheaving and quitting your life to make drastic changes); try to pick up the thread of your life as much as possible

5. Don't be afraid to run into a jam

6. Dare to wait and dare to let things take their course as they will.


So although yods are strange, the answer to a yod formation is literally this: just be mutable.




Four out of the last five natal chart clients I've worked with have yods, as do some very special people in my life, so I'm seeing the convergence. For more about my yod and how it magnetizes remarkable relationships, check my blog, "Gemini Astro-tWINNING: The Divinity of Cosmic Relationships"