Age of Eleven

Aquarian [11:11] Transmissions

Everything is perfect[ing].

Livity, DecodingChiChiComment

I even see the perfection in the pissed-offness.

This is alchemy: the transmutation of the impure dross metals into pure gold. 

I actually enjoy my not-so-shining moments. I like taking some time (not plenty: some) to be bitchy or sad or hormonal or dramatic, mostly because I know how to use the spectrum of my human emotions for the greater good, rather than ignoring or suppressing them. 

It's all temporary, anyhow. The wind must change direction eventually.

Without the challenges, would I be as pressed to expand and improve? To push myself to further heights? To embark upon (and accomplish!) solo cross-country adventures that many wouldn't dream of attempting (esp at 38.5 weeks of pregnancy!)?

When we zoom out, take our time, and refrain from irrational heat-of-the-moment reactions, we can observe how the "not-so-ideal" experiences are, in truth, catalysts for our own personal evolution. 

There's a reason the butterfly can't take flight if it doesn't break thru the chrysallis of its OWN accord; building up wing strength in the process of shedding old skin. 

If we aren't in a constant state of metamorphosis, what are we doing? 

We ARE the power.