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The Vegas Escape

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We've made the escape to Vegas!

Today we walked around my mother-in-law's neighborhood in the sun. It was early in the morning, with temperatures probably in the 60s, and I soaked in every morsel I could get. It wasn't necessarily remarkable, but comparatively speaking? Perfectly warm. 

I don't even know that Chicago got sun like this in the middle of the summer season.

Eleven slept well. I enjoyed not having to think about business or shopkeeping or payroll or marketing or other matters. This morning we woke up to peace, warmth and sunshine. Chicago's got its benefits, but Vitamin D is not included.

Watching the news reporting on the impending storm named "Cato," I'm just like, "Yo. Everything is a choice. Why do people choose to live in Chicago?" 

Because it is a choice. And as such, you will never hear me complain about Chicago weather, because I *know* I always have the option to choose to be somewhere else. 


We bad!