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Video Astrology Chart Decoding now Available!

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I'm excited to announce the availability of new VIDEO recorded astrology chart readings! In a departure from the days of old where I wrote 11- to 15-page natal chart reports, I've decided the best way to #LevelUp this year is through providing my clients with 11-minute pre-recorded video chart decodings. This way, I can focus on the most important aspects of the chart, and deliver the product to you much sooner.

Everyone who orders a video chart reading will receive a PDF email of my #DecodingTheAll Astrology Glossary, which includes the keywords for the planets, signs, and houses, as well as descriptions of the aspects, and in-depth segments on each of the planets in our solar system.

The classic Astrology Natal CHARTreuse Decoding is a summary of your birth chart's overarching theme -- each of our lives has a main lesson for us and it is repeated over and over in the nativity. This reading will give you a good overview of astrology and what your basic temperaments are.

The Shadow Integration Decoding report focuses on the blockages in your chart-- your restrictions, challenges, deepest wounds, karmic inheritance--and integrates it all through the North Node so you can work them to your advantage.

By delving into the dark side, we find the keys to your liberation. Not for the faint of heart, but for those who are ready to face and integrate the subconscious and move forward in a powerful way. 

All my astrological and oracle services can be found at my Gemini Consults page. 

In other exiting news, I've officially updated the Yoni Egg Shadow Integration Workbook to include more in-depth write-ups about the planets. The extended Astrology Glossary in the back of the YES I Workbook explains the planets' orbital cycles, archetypal themes, expression, psychology, urge, symbol, and more. Preview the YES I Workbook here and order on at the Yoni Eggs page!