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Why Copper?

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Why Copper?

Here in the Age of Eleven and at the Crystal Pyramid Room, everything we create must be functional as well as beautiful.  

We work primarily with copper for its medicinal healing effects. 

A conductor is an object that allows the flow of electrical current in one or more directions.

After silver, copper is the best energetic conductor of all the metals. 

Energetically, copper influences the flow of blood when worn on the skin. Many people who suffer from arthritis or rheumatic dis-eases find copper bracelets incredibly beneficial in alleviating the symptoms. Even athletes wear copper-infused fabric sleeves on their major joints to provide compression support and prevent inflammation.

Will Copper Turn My Skin Green?

It can, but not necessarily. And if it does, it's not a "bad" thing, and it isn't permanent. 

Copper is an active metal, and it assists in detoxifying the body. The sweat from our skin releases chemicals from our bodies, and the salt can cause copper jewelry to oxidize. If you wear a copper ring and your finger turns green, that is signifying the drawing of impurities from the bloodstream. 

Copper is a natural mineral found in the earth, often alongside malachite (the green stone pictured below), which is a copper-based mineral. Copper is also found in many foods, and the body stores copper in the bones and muscles. Copper levels are regulated by the liver; copper deficiency can also lead to anemia.

Jewelry-wise, the "turning" of copper is not harmful. And often when a piece of copper is worn on the body, over time it develops a bright lustre, uniquely relative to the wearer's own body chemistry. 

If your copper jewelry does turn dark over time, it can be brightened with any store-bought metal polish (such as NEVR-DULL or Brasso), or you can go the more natural route by submerging your copper jewelry in a mixture of vinegar and lemon juice and scrubbing it with an old toothbrush.


As shown with the vintage coins above, copper that is really old or has turned dark can always be brightened and polished again. All pennies in our jewelry was minted in 1982 or earlier, back when pennies were actually 100% copper and not copper-plated aluminum, but these pennies look straight from the mint!

As always, due diligence is a must, and if you think you are legitimately allergic to copper or other metals, consult your healthcare provider.

The benefits of copper are myriad. Browse our selections for the best!