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Introduction to Yoni Egg Metaphysics

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A yoni egg is a carved crystal which can be used internally (in the vagina) for transformation and healing on multiple levels. "Yoni" is a Sanskrit word largely referring to our womb center of creation. The egg shape is a symbol of fertility and rebirth.


Crystals are minerals from the earth that have specific energetic signatures based on the elements present, their molecular structures, and the metamorphosis process they underwent over a LONG period of time. Crystals can influence our bodies and auric fields simply by being close to them. It can happen subtly over time, or quite instantly.


You can "charge" the egg with your intention. You can insert the egg vaginally and use it during focused meditation. You can practice certain breathing techniques to be able to use your muscles to move the egg up and down the vaginal canal. You can pop in the egg and go about your daily business. You can even simply use it externally, meditating with the egg over your womb center, or keeping it close to your body.


Just like using a hydraulic tire jack instead of a manual one makes changing a tire easier, crystal yoni eggs are high-frequency tools that can assist us in connecting to those divine, all-powerful, all-knowing aspects of Self which may be momentarily evading our awareness. 

Working with a yoni egg for an extended period of time assists in integrating the aspects of ourselves that are disharmonious. 

The goal is integration-- not to deny our selves nor our feelings. Even the notion of needing "healing" can imply that something is "wrong," or that we are in resistance to some aspect of our being. Integration entails sitting with the feelings that come up; not resisting, but allowing them to be. Breathing in the uncomfortableness, even. 

Disharmony, dis-ease, blockages and imbalances primarily come when we are ignorant of the facts of our own inherent connection to Source. 

As with all of these metaphysical tools we provide, the yoni egg is a symbolic, external manifestation of the perfection and harmony that already exists within us. The entire universe is One, is within You, and nothing is separate.

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