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The Age of Eleven is the parent company of Crystal Pyramid Metaphysics and Design, a collection of handmade metaphysical jewelry and tools. 

The copper, brass, silver and gold jewelry feature crystals, gemstones, and Afrikan imagery including Egyptian symbology and Ghanaian adinkra. Tools include over 20 scents of hand-dipped incense and resins, ceremonial ankhs, 3D pyramids and merkabahs, yoni eggs for womb wellness, crystals for meditation and chakra balancing, and much more.

Since Crystal Pyramid’s inception over three decades ago, the collection has expanded internationally and traveled the world; presenting at countless art fairs, craft shows, street festivals and jewelry showcases.

Owned and operated by Chartreuse, Dread and Eleven, Crystal Pyramid has evolved throughout the years to bring true light, inspiration, joy, energy and divine love to all who purchase and enjoy our creations.

This is the Great Work. Namaste.


Click here for photos of our grand opening party!


Handmade Incense Offerings

always. be. burning. something.

Our incense is always hand-dipped and hand-rolled. Wrapped in foil for freshness, our collection boasts a clean, potent fragrance unlike mass-produced imported incense. Available in over 20 scents such as Jamaican Plum, Frankincense & Myrrh, Mango Butter, Lavender and Lemongrass. 


smoke out the place.

Our various blends of frankincense & myrrh rock incense create a great smoke perfect for meditation and cleansing spaces. Harvested from tree resin, our all-natural blends are sacred. You can burn 'em on charcoal or melt 'em in a potpourri pot.  Also check our white sage smudge sticks!