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11.11.11: What planet are YOU from?

November 11th, 2011 · enlightenmentFull CircleRedefining Success · Edit

11.11.11. Oneness.

I post that time (11:11; 1:11) on Twitter often, and Facebook occasionally. Some folk get it, while some wonder, “Why the hell are you so obsessed with that time?” I don’t go looking for it. It just appears to me; I’m often drawn to look at a digital clock at the moment it strikes 11:11 or 1:11, even in circumstances like my car, where my clock is ten minutes fast. Beyond that, I’ll just “happen” to look at a clock at 2:11, or 9:11. or wake up at 8:11. I just keep seeing 11– the divine number of manifestation.

Steve Pavlina did an excellent write-up on the 11:11 phenomena here; this is a great starter article to which I’ve linked many people who have asked my why I keep pointing out that particular time. Steve’s write-up is large-encompassing, and either it resonates or it doesn’t. It doesn’t HAVE to resonate for all, which is the beauty of it. You could read the blog, feel it’s a crock, and disregard– and that is totally okay because you have to use your unique discernment for whatever you hear. There will be no proselytizing in this space, because everyone’s path is unique. 11:11 just happens to be a key to which I am attuned– you may feel something differently.

Still, many of us feel “it.” Even if we can’t put our finger on what “it” is, increasingly humans are becoming aware of…some energy, some force, or at least a sort of “shift” that is affecting us at large. We had the Arab Spring earlier this year– countries in Africa and the Middle East revolting against tyrannies. There were the London riots where the youth torched EVERYTHING. And here in the U.S. we have Occupy…Everywhere. Even beyond Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Chicago, we now have Occupy The Suburbs, in places like Downers Grove.

It’s for all of us.

It’s spreading: people no longer buy into the systems and institutions that seemingly made our worlds go ’round. People are uniting with an intention– MANY intentions– and taking action because even if they don’t know what precisely they want, they do know that something right now is very wrong.

BUT– we do live in the realm of duality, remember– even counter to this apparent worldwide unrest, we have people connecting worldwide using the technologies of this age– the Internet, Skype, social media outlets– if you want to find out something, all you have to do is search for it (ahem, “ask and you shall receive”).

Even in my in-person encounters with other human beings, I find it effortless to connect instantly on a higher and deeper level– you don’t have to be superficial because the right people on the same wavelength will end up right in your path and you all will simply “get it.” Do you feel it?

There’s a lot wrong, but at the same time it’s very right– all by design. I’m about to dive deep, so hold on– and if I lose you, feel free to read on and let this information impact you as it may, or may not. You may remember some of these things.

What IS Going on?

We human beings have a circadian rhythm– we fall asleep at night; awaken in the morning– and every new day when we rise, we’re wiser (hopefully) than we were the day before. At the very least, we have the experience of the previous day added to our belts.

Similarly on a larger scale, every 25,900 years, the Earth–with many names (in other dimensions) such as “Tara,” and “Gaia,” completes a consciousness cycle. The Earth is a living, evolving unit of the universe– a part of the whole. Just as we humans have energy centers, chakras, consciousness, the Earth has these too (meridians, portals [ahem Bermuda Triangle], consciousness). Everything is energy, and as above, so below.

Everything is cyclical, circular, rotational, and revolving. The microscopic 2-strand twists of our DNA strands replicate the exact rotation of stars Sirius A and Sirius B. The infinite Universe extends way further than the big, rotating cloud of light that is the Milky Way Galaxy, and it’s all connected– what happens to one, happens to the other. The part affects the whole. We’re fingers of the glove. Macrocosm, microcosm; as above, so below.

So each 26K-year cycle involves four periods of A, B, C, and D– we wake up at A and B, and fall asleep through C and D. And at each consecutive A-point awakening, we make QUANTUM cosmic leaps in consciousness and awareness. A lot of new information is revealed all at once. Leaving the age of Pisces (think fish/Jesus symbol/religious dogma), progressing to the age of Aquarius. Do you ever feel this information overload? Google is our information-hoarding Big Brother, but it’s also our Professor. What do you want to know? Just ask.

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