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30 Day Letter Challenge: Day 5 — Your Dreams

Crystal PyramidComment

Day 5 — Your dreams

Uh, hi dreams.
You guys are fucked up. Let me just start bysaying that. 
This is a weird prompt. I really have crazy dreams, and maybe that’s why I enjoy sleeping so much.
Sometimes, my dreams are like a continual story that keeps building as time passes. It’s an alternate universe where I find myself continuing the story.
Let’s startt with recurring dreams.
The first one that stands out to me is the dream of living with my family. I’m 24 and I haven’t lived with anyone who can tell me what to do since the age of 18. Yet, I still have dreams that I reside at my parents’ apartment in Palatine and they are completely ruining my life. 
I dream that I’m in a two-bedroom Palatine apt with my younger sister and brother. Our parents are obviously running the house and making me go absolutely crazy. Who wants to dream that their parents are completely in charge and control? Nobody’s had control over me since I was 17, so these kind of dreams are hard for me to come to terms with because it’s been 7, 8 years since ANYone has told me what to do. And anyone who knows me knows that I despise direction. Eff that.
On the other hand, I do have vivid dreams. I do dream about work, and it’s annoying. Nobody wants to sleep and think about forgetting a customer’s drink or a food modification. Speaking of, people really shouldn’t modify menus at restaurants. We’ll take care of your needs the majority of the time, but the more modifications you have, the more likely your order is to be wrong. And i’m not going to feel bad for you when you have a regular omelet instead of an egg white omelet. I’m really not.
So yeah, dreams, my recurring stories are either restaurant dramz or family dramz. And it makes sense, because my friendships are relationships are the most stable in my life. It wouldn’t make sense if I got along 100% with my mother in my dreams; nor would it make sense if I dreamt about working at the United Center Chicago Stadium Club being a nightmare source. 
Overall, my dreams are quite vivid and realistic. It’s a double-edged sword, but I’m good with and like people, so I’m in the right field. 
If I  could make a request to never dream about restaurant dramz, that would be my saving grace and perhaps a thing that made me believe in God.
I don’t know what to say to my dreams, other than sometimes I feel like my dreamworld is another plane of existence in my soul’s experience. I’m pretty much down with dealing with latent real-life shit, but there i ls so much more to the story. Just remember that my children will get nothing but books as gifts. (I’m probably lying, but if you believe me, I’ll take it.”