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30-Day Letters, Day 8: Your favorite internet friend

Crystal PyramidComment

I can’t pick just one. Click on the names to visit their blogs, or go to their Twitter pages using the @ locations I have below.

@tylerconium (-You’re the first one who comes to mind, and it’s not even like we’re virtual BFFs. I just remember us following each other a couple years ago when I first started Tweeting, and you’ve always had hilarious, bitchy things to say. I agree with a lot of your takes on pop culture and culture in general. I obviously disagree with your perspectives about race and class, but I really feel like you just have never been exposed to what I have been here in the US while you’re in Canada. Our intense debates can be frustrating, but either way, I’m glad we can bitch at each other and still be cool. It takes a special kind of person to be able to fight it out but be able to look beyond the differences.

@evan_b - I’m glad Tyler recommended I follow/friend request you after his and my first big Internet blowout about the Blackhawks’ mascot being racist. You’re so smart, insightful, and logical. You’re a fantastic writer, to boot. There are few people with whom I can have real discussions about religion, too. I respect everything you stand for and it’d be so awesome to meet someday.

@Writerbabe - It’s been a couple months, but you and I hit it off so naturally in real life, that I still would love to take over the world with you. Even if universal domination doesn’t happen like, next week, I look forward to going to more Chicago networking and social events with you! We’re such a hot team, lady.

@metalmujer - You have taught me SO MUCH, about everything. My undergraduate sociology classes have nothing on your Twitter feed. You’ve got a great sense of humor, but are very passionate and real about your beliefs and I love that you write off the people who fuck with you. Not only are you a fierce, funny femme, you are so hardcore it’s astonishing. The things you build with your own hands are glorious. In fact, I don’t even comprehend half the things you write about at your website, but I can still tell it’s great. Life is a bitch sometimes, but keep on kicking ass.

@PDXLadyfriend - You’re another one of my first Twitter friends, and while I always knew you are fabulous, I’ve really enjoyed your blog as of late since we “reconnected” via Twitter. Your writing is of the raw, funny, honest type, and that’s what people relate to most. You’ll figure it out. We’ll figure it out. I think we have things pretty good and it’s just scary because of the unknowns…but we’re on the right track, I’ll say.

Love you all.