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30 Day Letters, Day 9: Someone You'd Like to Meet

Crystal PyramidComment

Dearest Kanye, 

I totally sound like a gayfish, but I need to meet you in this lifetime. Actually, I’m not satisfied at just meeting you, because anyone can meet anyone— we have to become best friends at some point in time. We don’t have to be BFFs, but I’d at least love to regularly hang out for drinks and shit when you come home to Chicaga.

I’ve always liked your music, but it wasn’t until recent years and your latest album that I’ve become more captivated with not only your brand, but the real human being within.

You’re a product. An image. A reputation. A character. I get this. But, I think you are so much more. People might think they know me through my blogs and tweets and Facebook profile, but obviously there is much more to all of us than what we decide to share with the public.

You aren’t only the mic-stealing, Taylor-Swift-call-out-ing, hardcore MC. You aren’t only the emotional, George-Bush-call-out-ing, vulnerable black man from Chicago. You aren’t only the symbol-using, mysterious, tortured artist that people line up to buy records from. You aren’t only the egomaniacal, megalomaniac that you pretend to be. There’s just no way. There are obviously many sides to YOU, and I can relate (it’s gotta be a Gemini thing).

I feel like, if I had your specific career, I’d probably do many similar things.

I am very self-confident and assured, and probably come off as narcissistic at times, especially when it comes to things I’m good at (like working out and being hot). But that doesn’t mean that compliments and encouragement don’t mean the world to me. They’re actually very humbling and make me grateful for the lovely people in my life.

Also, I’ve gotten pretty good at calling people on their bullshit lately. I totally would have called out Taylor Swift as well, without question— but for real, I believe that whole VMA show was staged and symbolic of other things. Your Kanye West (trademark) character just fit the role of “villain” that night.

Similarly, part of me likes starting shit with people. I can be a little instigator, saying things either for shock value or to test people’s reactions. There’s something about pushing people’s buttons that can be kind of fun, like when I call white people crackers or challenge people’s religious beliefs even though I know my opinions aren’t going to make anyone “de-convert.” I just have to say what I thinksometimes as often as possible.

You’re a firm believer in living life on your own terms and “taking the power in your own hands.”

"Know that motherfucker ‘Well, what you gonna do now?’ Whatever I wanna do, gosh it’s cool now.”

Every time I hear that line, I smile because it’s how I live my life every day.

As I mentioned above, our “public personas” are really the things we choose to share with the outside world— the output that makes up our images. But just because we have these presentations of ourselves doesn’t mean we don’t also try to share the deeper sides. Especially this month, I’ve been working on being very transparent and real with my blog entries. People can relate to the darker struggles that we all have, but few are able to articulate.

"Got treasures in my mind but couldn’t open up my own vault. My child-like creativity, purity and honesty is honestly being crowded by these grown thoughts.
Reality is catching up with me, taking my inner child— I’m fighting for custody.”

You’re great.