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Aquarian [11:11] Transmissions

Crystal PyramidComment
For some the idea that people of colour would and have rejected Whiteness is shocking simply because Whiteness has been constructed as benign instead of the cancerous infection that it is. There exists no group of people of colour who have not been adversely effected by the proliferation of Whiteness and though we have been forced to adapt, it does not mean that we accept a status of conquered beings. It is not racist to openly attack Whiteness; it is self preservation. The defense aspect is often over looked in order to push the idea that POC are racist against Whites, though Whiteness is guilty of unspeakable crimes. The very first step to emancipation is to name and know your oppressor and if in the process some feelings are hurt, is far less painful than living through marginalization and erasure. Often times Christianity is used to sugar coat the true intent. Even as a Christian, I can recognize that when coupled with Whiteness that Christianity is not a message of peace but a declaration of war. A simple look through history will prove that Christianity has been used to specifically to enforce docility. When missionaries bring the so-called word to people of colour, it always comes from a position of educating the savages, rather than sharing an experience. It functions as a mechanism to destroy other religious beliefs, which often serve to loosen the ties that bind one to culture.

Oftentimes, “offense” is actually guilt at heart. When people insist they have nothing to feel guilty about, it’s likely overcompensation for actually feeling guilty but not being able to own up to it. Everyone has prejudices but people are afraid to own up to it. This is why I appreciate when people expose themselves without realizing it, so I know how to proceed from there on.

And then we have the Christians with their missions trips… building homes and bringing aid while manipulating peoples’ cultural belief systems via pressurized conversion. 

Whiteness as a Colonizing Force (via thetart)


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