Age of Eleven

Aquarian [11:11] Transmissions

Crystal PyramidComment

"Gemini women are good at analysing people and situations."

Zodiac sign or not, all I do in all my work is interact with people- whether it be teaching, selling jewelry, drinks and food, an executive agenda, or another artists’ work. Whatever- I am just great at making and reading connections.

I’ve also become more introverted, specifically this year, I’ve noticed. After reading Laurie Helgoe’s Introvert Power this summer at the Ozarks, I get what it means to be grounded in yourself, even in social situations.

The contrast of last night in Bridgeport, Chi, to Saturday night in Detroit, MI was astounding!

Detroit’s meet up consisted of so many types of people, but everyone in the building was open and non-assuming. I didn’t feel a twinge of anything hostile, anywhere.

Everyone greeted one another with “peace, Queen/King” and the men were of the utmost in gentlemanship. We all talked and built and just enjoyed being real with one another! If I could tell you how many ladies I hugged and said “I love you!” to, you wouldn’t believe me.

Last night back in Chicago, I brought cards over to my girl’s place as she put the finishing touches on the dinner to be served.

A group of 3 asked if I wanted to play cards, and when I said I didn’t know how to play Spades, one girl half-assedly tried to explain the game. She got frustrated at her inability to explain, and I picked up on that and said, “okay, let’s just start and I’ll pick up as we go along.”

Except, no one told me anything more. Like how to win a suit, how to stack the cards you win, or even that i was PLAYING WITH A PARTNER! And then they were getting annoyed with ME for not knowing. The guy to my right snickered when I put down a card and the guy across finally said, “Can I say something? I just have to.” um, YES, I told you to tell me how to play! I didn’t even realize you were my partner! Why didn’t you tell me?

"oh, because once the game starts, you can’t talk." well how the fuck am i supposed to know what to do!?

It was a mess, and I was just feeling all sorts of weird energies from them, and perhaps I was giving off something subconsciously because at one point Teff asked “What’s wrong?”

That question is so loaded. It assumes something was wrong with me, when I was just good and high and trying to learn a card game out of no guidance. The group of many of them had just come from a weeklong cruise, so they had many inside jokes, but I don’t mind that! I am perfectly content not being the center of all coversations.

Then there was the point I briefly mentioned last night, about how one guy kept trying to covince me that the neighborhood as a whole is “bad.” My block is glorious, but I live six blocks south and two east of where we were, so things can change radically in that much space.

I’m not a fan of humor that tries to make me look silly. I was making an honest observation: “I love living in Bridgeport!” I take walks, I run, I lay in the field. Every kind of store is within three blocks of me. The guy replied “Well, someone DID get stabbed up near here.”

okay. People get killed every day. That has nothing to do with me! I was making positive statements about my life, and they instantly sprang to make it cloudy and laugh when I said I didn’t live in fear.

3D is a hell of a drug…