Age of Eleven

Aquarian [11:11] Transmissions

Crystal PyramidComment

I’m sitting at the salon and the news is on. It’s always interesting to see it after not watching it for a long while.

BREAKING: The Pope is now on Twitter. Finally! You can now connect with the most high direct from your iPhone!

Seriously- how disconnected are we? I could list the things messed up about society but we all know what they are.

How many things do we believe because we are told them by a perceived “authority?” We invest in external things because we are told this is the most important thing of the day. This one death, or car accident, or drama.

I prefer to decide what’s most important. Millions of things happen every day. The media focuses on nonsense, tragedy and fear.

Tune into TMZ at 6 pm? How about I reflect on MY day so far; my accomplishments?

And that’s what I do. The best thing every person can do is look out for their own best interests and that of their direct communities. Mainstream is a trap; independence is freedom. Support DIY endeavors. Create your own life, whether through cooking, painting, exercise, sewing, designing, writing, dancing…

Active, not passive. Be the change you desire- it’s all YOU.

My hair is so tight I can barely move my neck.