Age of Eleven

Aquarian [11:11] Transmissions

Internet ADD and new beginnings.

Crystal PyramidComment

I typed the title of this post, but before I wrote a word in this text box, I clicked to another couple tabs and refreshed my Twitter stream, Facebook home page, and Gmail inbox (even though these things auto-refresh).

The “Now Generation” has become a group of people unable to concentrate on one thing at a time because it’s so easy to do everything at once.

And I like it, but it’s made me a little crazy.

Facebook is an overload of information. We see every word our friends post on one another’s Walls. We know when people have become friends, started relationships, or have joined a group to see if a pickle can receive more fans than Nickelback. Twitter is the same way. There’s constantly a new thing to respond to or a new link to check out. I’ve found myself with ten different tabs open in my browser, effectively enabling me to “simultaneously” be reading a bunch of different things.

Everything is so fast-paced, hyperactive and multi-tasking-driven on the web and in the world. We drive while texting, singing, smoking and applying makeup. I’ve held phone conversations and Gchats at the same time. Everything is just GO! GO! GO!

My boyfriend recently told me he wanted to create a Tumblr because his blog posts are epic (2000+ words per entry), his Tweets are short and entertaining, and a Tumblr would be a sort of happy medium between the two extremes.

It’s a great premise, and he inspired me to do the same. I blog at, but my posts there tend to be longer and more intuitive. Sometimes I just have random crazy thoughts and muses, and I think it would be a good idea to have a separate location for the randomness that has developed from my life/Internet ADD.

Here goes nothing.