Age of Eleven

Aquarian [11:11] Transmissions

Intro v. Extro

Crystal PyramidComment

The mid-20s years find me loving introversion. As a proud former ENFP, I’m finding more that as I age, extroversion resonates less with me. There is so much ridiculousness out there- things vying for my attention and inflicting the dreaded “obligation.” I enjoy doing things because I want to; not because I have to or “should.” What is should?

Sometimes people say I’m “quiet.” That perception is fine. I don’t ramble about nothingness. I don’t have to hold the center of attention or be the room’s entertainer. If I have something to say, I’ll say it. I don’t speak just to hear my voice.

My power and greatness is understated. I don’t feel like I have to “try” hard to be somebody or something; I am who I am and have nothing to prove. My excellence and energy speaks for itself.

It’s become especially more apparent over the last few years I’ve been with bokeen. Whereas his version of his best self is to make people laugh (or gasp [or shake their heads]), his is a very well overstated way of being. He even walks loudly and opens doors strongly. MAN. RAWR.

I’m the dainty flower. The sacred natural feminine power. Wearing light summer dresses (or nothing at all). Prancing around our house’s dance floor (kitchen tile). When I speak, or write, I have purpose for expending that energy.

Otherwise, I love my own company. Our backyard is my personal Wonderland: no computer cables or ratchet noise. The Tree of Life lives behind my house (it’s a nearly 100-year-old giant evergreen). Flowers bloom and I can sun salute in peace.

And my social activities have purpose. We have fun, deliberately. Even if we’re doing nothing but laying on a patch of grass. I see aspects of myself in all the personalities of my closest girls, no matter how different we may be.

Yin. Yang. Heads. Tails. North. South. Dark. Light. Nothing is “good” or “bad;” it’s our interpretation that colors a situation. Just BE.