Age of Eleven

Aquarian [11:11] Transmissions

ChiChi TemboComment

Laughter bursts the bubble of pomposity and prevents us from taking ourselves and “life” far too seriously.

"The System" itself fears laughter. It removes its sense of power and control. React to an authority figure with anger and hostility; you’re to a large extent playing in their stadium. Ideally, they want unquestioned obedience, but they’ll settle for anger as a second best— the game’s still being played out in their territory.

But have you ever laughed uncontrollably in front of a guy in uniform trying to be serious and “powerful?” They have no idea what to do. Their power has gone, as if their trousers have fallen to the floor.

The “System” is ridiculous and we need to stop taking it and ourselves anything like so seriously. It’s the major change of perception that will set us free.

Yes, we need to know how we are controlled, why, and by whom or what. But the way we respond to that knowledge decides if we remain controlled or refuse to be bound by fear, worry and stress.

—excerpt from Human Race Get Off Your Knees