Age of Eleven

Aquarian [11:11] Transmissions

Letter 3: Your parents, part II

Crystal PyramidComment

My parents must be treated as separate entities.


I want to just keep it simple and say, “You’re crazy, we’ll never see eye-to-eye, you’re judgmental, closed-minded, and can’t think outside of the box as much as you think you do” and leave it at that. I kind of resent the fact that although you have alienated me to no end, that I still feel like I should have more loyalty to you.

The thing is, every time I’ve tried, you just shut me out because of dumb things like school, work, and my home (pretty much every aspect of my life). You pretty much want me to be a completely different person than who I am. So where does that leave us? 

You’re a Leo and stubborn and nobody can tell you anything. What makes you think that your way is the ONLY RIGHT WAY? Or are you just resentful that I haven’t become a daughter through whom you can live vicariously? 

Half a year ago, you called me once after I left your home, and said, “You know, Charlotte, it really was such a blessing having you over for a little bit. You brought so much light to the house and you’re awesome. I know I disagree with you about things, but they’re just things and don’t mean anything.” I felt, “Wow, finally, maybe she’ll leave me alone about petty bullshit.”

But that must have been a fleeting thing, because the last time I saw you, I was met with nothing but hostility and couldn’t even stay for 10 minutes. That last encounter bugs me to no end, but I’ve reached a point where I’ve washed my hands of the situation. Why bother? It’s sad, but there’s no point in dwelling on a lost cause, especially when I’ve tried.

You’re a strong, smart woman who has done and is doing amazing things with your life, but there are so many snags that overshadow the good things to me.

Kind of like Chinese Anna Wong, contestant on the Biggest Loser whose parents pretty much wish she were dead— I live for myself, not for the satisfaction of my parents or other people. 

Maybe someday.