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Aquarian [11:11] Transmissions

Neuropeptides: Scientific explanations for how we create our reality.

Crystal PyramidComment

I write a lot about the things I experience, and the lessons I’ve been learning about how this ROLLER COASTER ride/game of life works. While themetaphysical may be difficult for some to truly grasp and comprehend, I transcribed a podcast featuring Max Igan as he speaks about how we TRULY create our reality— the science behind it; rather than my interpretations which may not gel with certain types of mindsets. The audio part one of his explanations can be found here, or you can just read the following, of which I’ve transcribed.

Cheers, and here’s to being the author of your own life.

Interviewer’s question: “How do you stay positive in the face of all this negative information?” (he’s speaking about the decline of society; conspiracy theories, the disintegration of people’s faith in the authorities— the basic lifting of  the veils of deception in today’s society that has been happening for as long as humans have been here.)

Max Igan’s answer: It’s not negative information; it’s just information. What’s negative is the emotion that people attach to the information. If you see everything as being negative, you create a negative reality for yourself. I see everything as a battle of energy– ultimately, that’s all it is. All these things happen on an energetic level. It really is all about energy.

“When you understand that all that exists is ENERGY expressed as photon light and phonon sound– these energies of light and sound have two different polarities. This can be expressed as any polar opposite you’d like: Light/dark, good/bad, love/fear. The different frequencies of these two polarities are what make up all of reality. You’re simply one frequency of a single consciousness, experiencing reality as the person you are at this particular time. That’s all you are.

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