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Occupy Wall street: where the folks of color at?

ChiChi TemboComment

Can’t speak for Wall Street, but there was a GREAT number of us at #occupychicago this week.



Questions to keep in mind:

  • Who organized the event?
  • Who does the struggle represent most?
  • How long have people of color suffered at worst conditions from corporate greed?
  • watch the videos: who’s mostly at the occupation?
  • If people of color were the majority at the occupation, would the occupation have lasted this long?
  • Is racial inequality a central component in the struggle?
  • Let’s say the occupation is successful, and a new system is put into place: who will the new system benefit most?
  • Police brutality: cops have been killing and incarcerating people of color at much higher rates than white people. Is the police brutality at occupywallstreet reflective of the true racist nature of police brutality in this country?
  • The South Bronx/16th congressional district is the poorest congressional district in the United States (where I live). How many people from the South Bronx are participating at this occupation? Even if they wanted to attend, could they risk the survival of their family by missing work and school?
  • How are the participants of occupy wall street privileged in their access to receiving and sending information concerning the event?


i posted this in response to this article

“Our intention is not to dismiss it as just this, but the gut feeling was that there is a serious disconnect down there. We left with mad questions! Where was the hood? Where was the poorest congressional district in the USA, from The South Bronx at? Like we say in Hip Hop, where Brooklyn at? Could it be that perhaps the working class couldn’t afford to just leave work and the responsibility of bills and family survival to camp out in a city park? Did folks from our communities not know about this? If people of color were occupying Wall St. would we have lasted this long?”

I recognize that the experience of black folks in this country has given us an entirely itchy race trigger which is not without justification.  I’m not convinced that this is a reason for me not to question the imperial and pernicious scope of the American fiscal and monetary system in tandem with a collective of others that are doing so.  Though I do admit, where these folks misstep, they shall be questioned and brought to face their privilege that they don’t err ever again.  I take the tact that my ancestors already shot this move during the class rebellion of the Industrial Revolution and they were betrayed by white Communists for their efforts.  I know still and ever that race matters until the day that it doesn’t anymore.