Age of Eleven

Aquarian [11:11] Transmissions

Crystal PyramidComment

Originally the teachings on ascension were quite scientific in nature, dealing with the reality of multidimensional physics.

The early Atlantean cultures had full access to this information— until the Templar-Annu distorted the teachings in order to control the populations, the science of ascension and multidimensional mechanics was publicly taught as a primary belief model around which societies were structured. The teachings were given to all of the races throughout the globe, not just those of Egypt and Atlantis.

Over time, and through the oppression of the Templar-Annu and later control-oriented political groups, the true teachings were distorted or destroyed as they gave the common person power over their personal destiny.

People who are empowered cannot be controlled or manipulated by outside authorities, and so the tool of empowerment, knowledge, was taken away from the masses so the few elite could hold them under their power.

What remains today of the ascension teachings is hardly an introduction to the true science as it was once applied on Earth. Portions of the teachings survived through the mystical schools of the ages, kept under strict secrecy, as the politically controlling factions of various time periods persecuted those who attempted to bring truth to the populations. 

Even today this persecution exists (though usually in more covert form), much of it within the traditional religious organizations whose teachings have been highly distorted in order to keep people powerless and subservient to religious authority figures.

The science of ascension was withheld from the masses, but the promise of ascension was used to manipulate people into supporting and obeying the authorities who claimed that ascension could be accomplished only through blind belief and adherence to their politically motivated creeds.

The original teachings were intended for everyone, not just to serve the objectives of a power elite. 

-Voyagers: The Secrets of Amenti- Vol. II, page 67