Age of Eleven

Aquarian [11:11] Transmissions

ChiChi TemboComment

Our true consciousness does not exist in our brains and our bodies. When you understand we’re all part of one divine intelligence, no phenomena is inexplainable. Consciouness shapes our reality.

In modern times, we’re taught from an early age how to think tangibly and rationally.

The left brain deals in logic, detail, facts, science, math, practicality. The right brain deals in feeling, intuition, images, symbols, risk taking, philosophy, religion.

In Western culture, generation after generation are taught to think only of facts, figures, and numbers. In school, children are ridiculed for questioning. The children who regurgitate what they’re told do well on standardized tests and go on to become leaders in the world— the politicians, lawyers, doctors— decision-makers.

Both left and right are vital to our beings.

If you’re raised to anthropomorphise God, you don’t realize our bodies are vessels to contain our spirit to gather experience for the divine mind. The only way to prepare is through truth— the truth within ourselves.

Especially in Western cultures, “happiness” is only being happy and never sad, loving and never mad, forgiving and never angry. We’re NOT meant to repress negative emotions because it causes imbalance. We must embrace them, not fight them.