Age of Eleven

Aquarian [11:11] Transmissions

ChiChi TemboComment

Q- what preperation must one undergo before being able to move with definiteness of purpose at all time?

A- one must gain mastery over self. This is the second of the seven principles. The person who is not master of himself can never be master of others. Lack of self-mastery is, of itself, the most destructive form of indefiniteness.

Q- where should one begin when making a start at control over self?

A- by mastering the three appetites responsible for most of one’s lack of self-discipline: (1) the desire for food,(2) the desire for expression of sex,(3) the desire to express loosely organized opinions.

Wonderful excerpt sharing via Twitter by my friend @VaKeithj804 from his recent Napoleon Hill readings.

— Napoleon Hill “Outwitting the Devil”