Age of Eleven

Aquarian [11:11] Transmissions

Crystal PyramidComment

The Infinite was not light any more than it was dark. It was the balance of all things. It is not “good” nor “bad,” “light” nor “dark,” black nor white, male nor female; it just IS— the Oneness of all.

Neither were there any “demons,” the Voice said. “If Infinite Love is the only truth and all else is illusion, how can demons be anything but illusions?” They were holograms projected into the imagination of frightened and manipulated minds.

The idea that the “light” must “fight” the “dark” and the demons only reinforced the belief in their perceived existence. There was no need to “fight” anything, and those who did so were only giving what they fought more power by confirming it was “real.”

As I’ve said: what you fight you become. If people didn’t like their life experience they should perceive another reality and the manifestations of the present one would disappear. You don’t like your dream? Then dream something else.

— Human Race Get Off Your Knees - The Voice chapter