Age of Eleven

Aquarian [11:11] Transmissions

The Matrix & Unlimited Liability

Crystal PyramidComment

"What is with the mindset of this planet that one is discouraged to the extreme from saying that he has created something and now wants to take responsibility for it? Do we have to live our lives continuing to be the EFFECT and not dare to be CAUSE for the fear of blasphemy? I refuse this philosophy—I know I am cause for everything in my world— do you?

""What is the Matrix? Control! It is a dream world built to keep us under control in order to change a human being into this." A coppertop battery.

"If you question whether or not you are "The One," then to you, you are not. Just as Neo was confused, no one can tell that to you— you must realize it for yourself. 

"Most of the "followers of Christ" today have adopted an idea that they will be "saved" if they do certain things or act a certain way. How can anyone SAVE you? How can you even consider someone else taking responsibility for all YOUR mistakes, faults, screw ups? How can anyone live your life for you?

""Saving the world" in the context that Christ was referring to, was talking about liberating and freeing HIS world, HIS mind from physical restraints— NOT preserving OUR lives in these frail earthly bodies.

"Only YOU can take responsibility for yourself; only YOU can repair the damage you’ve created. This is called UNLIMITED LIABILITY — you pay back whatever it takes to put the injured party back in the same condition or better as they were before injury, even if it means giving up your physical life."