Age of Eleven

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The Wonder of Oz(arks) Land

Crystal PyramidComment

Alice in Wonderland/Wizard of Oz-esque stories fascinate me. I love minds that can create mad wonder…a hyper-bright, special kind of world. Flowers sing to you and make you so high you fall asleep.

The night Ange and I took a walk around her neighborhood had the Wonderland essence to it. We smoked. Trees were freshly blooming and as we walked past them, we were bathed in the fresh aromas of wildflowers and tree blossoms.

We found a garter snake just chillin on the sidewalk. A sort of Caterpillar to Alice, this snake was to me. We crouched and looked at it. I was kind of amazed that we were so close and it just sat there. It made eye contact with me for several seconds. Looked at Ange for a bit. Back at me. Ange decided to pick it up.

I was afraid to, but again with the fears. Dismantle! Ange passed the stoic reptile to me. As I figured out my grip to hold on, I felt the long, collective muscle entity of the snake grab me with every inch of its footlong form. Such an interesting sensation, of the snake doing its part to stay in my hands.

I’ve walked that sidewalk to Angelique’s house many a time. Never in years had I seen a snake, and I’m glad that was my first encounter. We did see a second snake, actually, after spending a moment the first one. The other snake was busy digging its head into the soil; actively appearing to be hunting or feeding for something. We watched it for some time, and it slithered off through the grass, across the sidewalk, and off into the wilderness of Bridgeport.

I doubt snakes just all of a sudden decided to hang out in Bridgeport. They’re here, hidden in plain sight. All you have to do it look for it.

If I can have all this fun in Chicago, I can’t imagine what sort of things we’ll get into while at the Ozarks in Missouri. I’ma go spelunking and do sun salutes on a mountaintop.

This trip is bound to be wonder land. And it has “Oz” in the name. Just sayin. Here we go….well, as soon as I finish packing.