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Time capsule: letter from my bff on 19th birthday.

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A letter from my bff on my 19th birthday.

Working on the perpetual task of cleaning/organizing my boudoir, I found a letter from my BFF, Angelique, given to me six years ago on my 19th birthday. Interestingly enough, this afternoon Ange and I had a brief phone conversation about everything and nothing, but did make mention of the fact that it’s such a wonder that we’re always on each others’ side…we always have each other’s back. As my (and her!!) birthday approaches in May, I don’t think re-discovering this note could have come at a more fitting time.

Friendship and sisterhood is a beautiful thing.

"My sweet Chimbini

How does it feel to be 19? One year older but yet still the baby daisy of all of us? More & more I think of where we used to be in terms of people & how we are now. It’s strange to realize that even though everything is forever changing, you remained a constant in my life. If someone said that you can’t learn from someone younger than you, they’d be lying. You are probably the strongest now 19-year-old I know. When people say that I’m strong, I feel proud because you are where I am.

 Tons of people strive to be like you for numerous reasons. Everyone wants your quick wit & people just want to be you. You fight or what you want & nothing can stop you. Being an unstoppable hottie is a hard place to attain & maintain. Over the years you’ve only become more loveable, it’s unreal.

Your passion for life & the little things are what are going to differ from others. Your honesty, loyalty & empathy are your strongest traits. No matter how much things change, I am confident we will still be together. You make me a better person. You make me see things for what they are. You are my sanity. I love you and am going to keep you. Please don’t forget that the fucked up world isn’t so bad when you have people who just want to be good to you, around. Keep sparkling, you starlet. I love you & will forever.

You’re living the fast life & are going to live the great life. f anyone deserves it, it’s you. Iwant you around more often. ealousy often strikes when you’re not home & out with other greats. You’re mine? I have to remember you are a rare commodity & unique to all tastes. Kind of life raspberry marshmallows. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you. Happy birthday again, & I hope your wish came true.

<3 Ange”

I love that woman.