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Today, I love...

Crystal PyramidComment

My girl friend Angelique used to make it a regular habit to post a blog daily talking about the things she loves each day. (She also sometimes listed the things she hates.)

I know that gratitude and appreciation of the beautiful things in life help you to see the world differently. And honestly- everything that happens to the world is colored by your perspective. And when you make it a habit to be thankful for stuff, the good things keep coming.

So, today, I love:

- Early morning workouts at the Y and the steam room (and workout partners!), even though I wanted to kill myself

- My boyfriend for doing my 2009 taxes in five minutes (no joke)

- Homemade fresh fruit smoothies

- My car

- The manager at Twisted Spoke for being so nice as to give me an application and genuinely chat with me for a few minutes

- Family Guy

- My freelance writing business

- The beautiful, matte 8x10 print of the photo my friend Tasha took of me with her amazing camera and disgusting photography skills

- The thank-you note I received from my friend Mike’s dad George, whose wife passed away a few weeks ago (I LOVE mail.)

- Being able to focus and be productive all day, instead of being constantly distracted and ineffectively multitasking (part in thanks to my early start, and part in thanks to a half tablet of Adderall).