Age of Eleven

Aquarian [11:11] Transmissions

Twitter Adventures at Lavanderia and why I REQUIRE laundry hookups in my next home.

Crystal PyramidComment

@mizChartreuse:Laundry: the bane of my existence. I actually contemplated going to Target and buying my bf new underwear instead of laundry.
@mizChartreuse:Shouldn't there be a rule against panhandlers--i mean bootleg movies/socks/magazine/perfume peddlers in laundromats? Leave us alone!
@mizChartreuse:Furthermore, there should be a 1-child limit in laundromats. Too many rugrats have bumped into me. And they're rolling on the nasty floor.
@vbspurs:There should also be a complimentary search-and-rescue attendant for missing socks at laundromats.
@mizChartreuse:Also, why has the one giant load taken over an hour? I coulda been home watching Tyra instead of sitting waiting under fluorescent lights.
@mizChartreuse:Just got offered MORE bootleg dvds. If I'ma watch crap-quality movies I'll download em free, thank you.
@mizChartreuse:Okay, there should also be a rule against selling stupid bouncy balls in those quarter machines.
@mizChartreuse:Okay someone just asked me if I want to buy socks AGAIN. AGAIN.
@dylanorion:lol, are you at the laundromat
@mizChartreuse:god save me, I am. It's always quite the harrowing experience
@mizChartreuse:Omg some guys just tried to sell me Huggies diapers and johnson&johnson baby wash and lotion. What. The fuck is going on today.
@ccarallis:maybe you should go to there looking crazy next time to deter people from talking to you.
@mizChartreuse:I mean in my big jeans, hoodie and a scarf around my head I thought I looked unapproachable enough!
@ccarallis:or do what my old boss does and pretend like you don't speak English.
@mizChartreuse:ooh yeah. I'll just pretend I'm from Mama Africa. The headwrap helps the look; not sure the Chuck T converse do but I'll try
@vbspurs:Where ARE you? In Paris' flea market??
@mizChartreuse:Feels like it! Good gawd. If this shit aint dry in ten minutes they're all going on the line. I WILL build a clothesline at home.
@mizChartreuse: At the laundromat in the most Hispanic populated neighborhood in America, even the cartoon characters have [the typical] Sharpie eyebrows.
@vbspurs:Awesome pic! It has a retro "Rosy the Riveter" WWII feel.
@mizChartreuse:Got hit by a bouncy ball AGAIN. This feels like punishment for being poor! Ha.
@dylanorion:I've never gotten offered diapers, just socks and dvds at mine. Prob the same guys
@mizChartreuse:ha yeah! I was all, "I DON'T HAVE KIDS!" And they said "oh, but it's not just for babies, you can use the lotion too!" Creeps.
And then later...
@AngeliqueK:at my last lavanderia exp I was asked 4 times about movies, socks & blankets. I wasnt mad bc it was how they made a living. Am I growing up?