Age of Eleven

Aquarian [11:11] Transmissions

Crystal PyramidComment

When these planetary changes are happening, that’s like the temperatures going up. You’re actually seeing it as physical temperature increase, not just on earth but through the whole solar system. However, when we meditate, we’re taking that raw energy that turns into heat (which makes people get angered, they get “hot under the collar,” they “see red”— all these colors and temperatures are associated with what’s actually an energetic frequency). When you meditate, chill out, play it cool— all these other metaphors—- you’re actually processing other people’s energy and karma. You do your own work, while taking some of the burden off of everyone else. We’re healing the earth, healing each other, and it has a direct radiant affect on others.

If people learned they could sit at home, pay nothing, and simply do their process, and get in touch with their creative spark and become the creator by creating, and enjoy yourself, and get in your passion, follow your bliss, you are healing the world. Of course you should couple that with some physical activism, going out and doing something. Even if it’s donating money, or something. Get out there, make a difference, and it has a frequency consciousness affect.

An energy change in the solar system is not just the heat level, or brightness of the planets. Consciousness and energy are connected, so change in the solar system refers to a change in consciousness.

— David Wilcock