Age of Eleven

Aquarian [11:11] Transmissions

Crystal PyramidComment

When you feel fear, you’re shooting energy out of your field. Love and trust BUILD energy from the cosmos to yourself. When you send out gratitude, that, more than anything else, heals damaged DNA. Loving gratitude rewinds DNA back together.

So many negative prophecies online are not going to come true. There may be a shifting of the earth, but at least the vast maority won’t be at the same frequency as the disasters where they happen. It is my understanding that the higher forces guiding our lives— the synchronicities we encounter are more notches in our belts to prove there is something out there that wants you to do well. Connection with your own higher guidance steers you.

So many people are living lives thinking it’s just cause and effect on the most simple gross level, but there’s a magical thing when you see the connection.

The consciousness field itself IS humanity.

— David Wilcock