Age of Eleven

Aquarian [11:11] Transmissions


The 11th Haus Collective

Aquarius is the 11th sign of the zodiac. Since we're now transitioning to the Age of Aquarius, we can also say: welcome to the Age of Eleven! Aquarius is the sign of thinking big, protecting the group, staying connected, and acting globally. The 11th House in astrology is the place for all your creative visualizations and your tribal society--what helps us to know we are not alone.

I have an 11th house stellium in Gemini featuring my Sun, Mercury, and Chiron, so cultivating creative connections has always come naturally to me. The 11th Haus Collective is the central hub for all my partnerships, collaborations, and features, as well as products, services, and events from my ever-expansive network.


Mirrors of Mercury

Expanding Perceptions of Meaningful connection! Your favorite Gemini Sun, Capricorn Moon, Leo Rising astro twins mizChartreuse (Age of Eleven) and Colin Bedell (Queer Cosmos) have a Mirrors of Mercury discussion -- all about communication, connection, and creative expression. 

Astro Fro Zodiac Tees by Seven Days of Slay

"Inspired by all of the women I call sisters and the magic of their Melanin, the custom apparel of Seven Days of Slay by Rai is homage to the boss babes, the masterminds, the lovers and the thinkers, the nice and the nasty, the sweet and the sassy...Cheers to you for every threshold you have crossed to become the goddess that you are today. May these tees n’ things remind you that you are too wild to tame, and too vast to contain." -Sunny Sun Rai, founder of Seven Days of Slay


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Astrostyle Gemini Crystal Horoscopes

AstroStyle Gemini Season Crystal Horoscopes

mizChartreuse's monthly crystal horoscopes are published at the Astrotwins' website, The latest column teaches you how to tap into the cleverness of quick-witted Gemini. By working with the healing powers of crystals and precious gemstones, you can embrace the dualistic nature of the chatty Twins, and create synergistic partnerships that are built to last.

Sun Moon Healing Essentials by Malcolm Antonio

The Sun Moon Healing Essentials collection is pure alchemical magic: the Momo Massage Body Oil & Hair Conditioner, the Coconut Oil of Oregano, and Mister Malcolm's classic handcrafted OOO: Oil of Oregano. Created in small batches and infused with Age of Eleven crystals and the earth's finest essential oils, these oils provide an instant glow-up. Coming soon to the Age of Eleven metaphysical boutique.